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Jon Ross
Search Bin or Filter Bar Exact Searches
on Apr 23, 2015 at 3:43:04 am

Hey all, I've been desperately trying to do a search for an exact text match within the premiere filter bar and or Search bin window. I've been trying to remember what the term is, but I believe it to be Boolean search modifiers.

An example of what I mean:
We're using Adobe Bridge to label and sort our music library. We've got a keyword structure for Approved Music per episode that we have labeled as "Episode 101" and a sub keyword per act:
"Act 01" through "Act 06".

After bringing in music from bridge into a bin for that episode. My plan was to type "act 06" into the filter bar and only music used in act 06 would be available. (as a note, the idea was to put all the music in an episode bin, then filter by act so when a music cue is used in more then one act, we wouldn't have 3 versions of that cue in the same project)

To my unpleasant surprise when you search for "act 06" it stays the same.

The search bar seems to take everything before or after a space as a new search criteria. So in essence what it's searching for is "act" or "06" and showing me everything that matches either. Since every act has "act" in the keyword column, nothing gets filtered out. I've added an underscore an ampersand and other symbols and it still behaves the same way. If all the clips are labeled "Act_01 through Act_06" and I do a search for "Act_06" it still pulls anything with "Act_" in it. If I label them "Act+01" same thing.

I've tried typing:
"Act 06" (Act 06) :Act 06: Act06 &Act 06& (Act+06) (Act&06)
and many other modifiers but to the best of my knowledge nothing triggers this search to perform an "and" function.

Does anyone know a way around this.

The same problem is persisting itself in that we have a huge bin of our contestants where they are labeled in the Description Column as "Contestant A" "Contestant B" etc. through "Contestant F"
Only to find out that you see everyone because they all have "contestant" in the name.

The final issue, is that for some reason when the column isn't one of the Main "Premiere" meta data columns.. you loose the ability to sort by that column. At least in the "contestant" scenario we can sort the description column and they will be visually grouped together. In the case of the music keywords, since they were added in Adobe Bridge, I can't do anything with that column as it is found under the "Dublin Core" metadata schema and hence un sortable.

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Mia Holton
Re: Search Bin or Filter Bar Exact Searches
on Apr 25, 2015 at 2:40:06 am

Have you tried the different search parameters?
In the 'Find' box, under 'Criteria' you've selected 'Keywords' and then typed in 'Act 06' but have you left the parameter as 'contains'? Try change contains to 'equals'. Also see if changing search result to match 'if all criteria are met'.

I'm on CS5, and still getting my head fully around Bridge's keyword capabilities and searching for them but when I've thought Bridge has failed in searches, it has usually been me not setting the parameters correctly. You can also do a lot by searching for multiple keywords and using the negative parameters like does not equal or does not contain. Play around with them and see if they make a difference.

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Jon Ross
Re: Search Bin or Filter Bar Exact Searches
on Apr 25, 2015 at 6:14:58 pm
Last Edited By Jon Ross on Apr 25, 2015 at 6:19:48 pm

Hey there, I'm specifically trying to do it from within the search bar at the top left of the bin. I was hoping that it's a simple matter of not knowing the correct character. Much like google has search operators and putting the query in quotes looks for the exact text.

The Find box helps but my goal is to sift/filter the bin to show only those music tracks, or clips meeting my criteria. More then just jumping from the next to the next. Is there a way to display the results of the "Find" command in a bin, like a search bin?

I did find a workaround by using search bins. If I make a new search bin and on the top put in "act" and set the parameter to be and, then put in "01" in the next box... that does give me the results I want. I wish however that I could add additional parameters and not be limited at only 2 boxes.

Anyway, thanks

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Scott Tiner
Re: Search Bin or Filter Bar Exact Searches
on Oct 26, 2016 at 6:49:14 pm

I separate my search terms with a semicolon. If I remember, I used special characters (underscore, etc) in my search terms once and it didn't work, so I don't use them now. (They might work in newer versions of Premiere.) I created a video that demonstrates how I use Boolean search strings in a search bin (TRT 1:00).

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 on Windows

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Scott Tiner
Re: Search Bin or Filter Bar Exact Searches
on Feb 11, 2017 at 1:02:15 am

I learned that you don't need to separate your search terms with a semicolon. A space works, too. In my example video I only add two search terms, but you can add more. This applies to PPro CC 2017. I don't know about earlier versions.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC on Windows

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Brad Coulter
Re: Search Bin or Filter Bar Exact Searches
on Apr 13, 2017 at 11:30:20 pm

Stupid question... how do you set a search bin to find all items that have a log note? Doesn't matter what the log note says, I'm just trying to find all clips that have data... or same with the "good" box checked. How can I get a bin that has everything marked good?

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