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Marc Buhmann
24pA Advice
on Apr 14, 2015 at 10:42:40 pm

Years ago I shot and edited a 24pA film. At the time I edited in FCP and never did a correct pulldown so it stayed in 29.97 interlaced. I now want to go back and revisit it.

I plan to recapture all the footage from scratch and use the proper settings this time using an import of the original FCP sequence. I'm pretty sure this will mess up some of the timing of the sequence but that's okay if I can obtain better picture quality.

Here's where it gets tricky. I want to try and upconvert the SD footage. Yes I know it will never be as good as if I shot on HD, but I want to try and see if I can get it to at least 720p without losing too much quality. I could do this with software but from what I've read hardware conversion is better than software, and I have access to a Kona Lhi card.

So here's my question: how best do I handle 24pA and the upconversion with the Kona card? Should I capture in SD first so I can do the proper pulldown of the 24pA first? Or will I be able to upconvert to HD with the Kona card and still be able to do the proper pulldown after?

Any input would be appreciated.

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Ht Davis
Re: 24pA Advice
on Apr 15, 2015 at 2:43:33 am

What is your output for? Where will it be used?
IF you are up converting your sd to HD already, why couldn't you just capture it in that fashion to begin with?
I have used a usb input to capture video from an old sony CCD analog SD camcorder to a 720 x 480 p video at 29.97, even though the video was originally shot at 24 frames. The camera does have 16x9 cinema mode, and that allows me to get a wide-screen view, without stretching the frame. I can shoot 24p and input into 29.97. After that, just up convert the video to your proper resolution, clean it a little, output.

In short, capture at the max resolution direct from source if possible, then pulldown. After you have your video in your desired frame rate, do your up conversion to HD and clean it up. You'll be able to see the effects more clearly, and they will stay more true throughout. Doing the up conversion to hd first wouldn't be logical. You'd clean it up only to add frames\fields, and then have to clean those up again. You'll get a better quality doing your pull first.

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