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105% speed video jumps frames on output

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daniel Rourke
105% speed video jumps frames on output
on Apr 13, 2015 at 9:56:48 am

I am having problems outputting a clean video in Adobe Premiere. I have tried 3.0 and 7.1 versions of the software.

I have a sequence already compiled as MOV files. This sequence needs to be speeded up in my sequence, so I have it playing at 105% speed. I think this causes the jumpiness I see on output. You can see a test of the sequence here:

As you can hopefully see, the video runs smoothly for a few frames, and then appears to jump - almost imperceptibly - a frame or two back before going on. This is continuous so it looks like forward forward back forward forward back the whole time. The effect is very slight, but it really bothers me.

I have tried with frame blending on and off and the effect is the same. Putting frame blending on also tends to create ghosting which I want to avoid.

I have tried a bunch of different export settings, but nothing seems to change the problem.

Please help!

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Ann Bens
Re: 105% speed video jumps frames on output
on Apr 13, 2015 at 3:50:44 pm

Frame Blending is only usefull when slowing down a clip.
Try AE instead.

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Ht Davis
Re: 105% speed video jumps frames on output
on Apr 14, 2015 at 3:32:50 am

When you speed up a clip (105%), it will have to process and drop several frames.

Try using the effect controls to keyframe and speed it up with that. Instead of redoing the frames, you will be playing the frames faster, instead of dropping them. You can do this, or you can try AE.

You might also try TWIXTOR, a plugin for AE and PrPRO.

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daniel Rourke
Re: 105% speed video jumps frames on output
on Apr 24, 2015 at 10:17:21 am

I have had zero luck fixing my problems.

With no frame blending I get this jumpy result:

With just frame blending in AP I get an annoying blur:

If I do the process in AE and use frame pixel blending I get these weird artefacts and glitches:

I don't have a copy of Twixtor.

How to solve this problem?

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Ht Davis
Re: 105% speed video jumps frames on output
on May 5, 2015 at 2:24:54 am

tough one. Whenever you speed up a video, you will be effectively playing those frames faster, in essence, more fps. IF you are getting a jumpy result it's because you may be dropping frames to fit. Thats why you're getting some jump.
A really slow way to lower the blur or keep from getting artifacts is to cut it up into clips of a few seconds, then send to AE, process each clip and then output it. Of course, you could try the same thing with frame blending on in premiere, which would limit the frames that are blended. Then you need to set them all to 105% speed, render the preview. Might work, might not.
Why it might work:
When blending frames premiere uses several before and after each dropped frame. If a longer clip is used, the frames can be dropped together, which eliminates some of the data used to blend a decent reframe. IF you use small enough clips, a single reframe will occur every clip, and it will have only a few frames to blend with, which will compile out to a sharper edge, but it is unclear whether it will actually fit in between its neighbors or not.
Why it might not:
With less to blend with, the program may not be able to make a clear enough blend.

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