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Laptop advice for video editing?

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Neil Orman
Laptop advice for video editing?
on Apr 9, 2015 at 10:47:50 am

Can anyone recommend a good Mac laptop for video editing? I need mobility, which is why I'm recommending a laptop purchase to my employer, but previously have only edited on desktops. I'd be grateful for any recommendations. I'd be using PPro as well as other Creative Suite applications on the laptop. When I thought my employer preferred PCs, I asked a B&H rep who recommended the Z-book below as a solid PC choice for video editing. But then I found out they're fine with a Mac choice, which I would prefer. So like I said just let me know if people are familiar with the latest Mac laptop choices out there, and have any guidance on the best choice or specs. And I'd be interested also if anyone has used this Z-book and has quick thoughts about it. Much appreciated.

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Oki Pienandoro
Re: Laptop advice for video editing?
on Apr 11, 2015 at 2:53:20 am

When it comes to Premiere, the only thing that matter is the CUDA supported card (aside from the obvious Processor speed, Hard Drive Speed, sufficient RAM, and Monitor resolution).

Agoogle search will point you to a problem.

In your case, i google "Quadro K2100M problem adobe"

Sure no card is perfect, one way or another there will be a user somewhere in the internet who reporting an error, glitch, etc.
But the aim wasn't that. Read couple of thread, maybe if any of those problematic post is using the same workflow as you do, then you might consider not buying those card, look something else.

Sorry for the english, not native speaker.

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Ht Davis
Re: Laptop advice for video editing?
on Apr 14, 2015 at 12:43:51 am

CUDA is not currently supported on mac OS. Get a Macbook Pro, and make sure it has a dedicated GPU (look for discreet graphics, ATI, Radeon, terms like that). Try for at least 1gb on the graphics module, and 8-12gb ram. Other than that, shoot for 256gb or greater ssd internal drive.

Since I don't know your exact specs for working conditions, you can swap out that SSD for an HDD of 1tb or greater, 5400rpm, but boost your ram to the max if you're doing any live capture, and use the HDD for that.

If you'll have some power where you work, you can plug in some RAID drives via thunderbolt or even a Dock that plugs into thunderbolt. This will allow you to dump your files to faster drives for your actual editing workflow. With a Dock, you could have several RAID and purpose them all.

I use a 2008 MBP with a 2.16ghz processor, 256mb gfx, 4gb ram 15inch, and I've modded it to carry 1x5400rpm hdd and 1x7200rpm hdd (removing the cd drive). I use an Esata Expresscard and the firewire ports to run several RAID drives. I edit 1080 prores proxy video just fine. My compressions take a while though. I've augmented that by outputting a Prores LT or full 422 to my internal HDD 5400rpm, or a network drive (hardwired net) and using compressor to do audio on my comp but video on comps I rent at a studio\lab. That way I can only rent what I need for a short time, save some moolah, and provide excellent quality. It's fast enough for me. I put out 2-4 projects in a week to 2 weeks, with full edits, and I dump to DVD\blu-ray. Occaisionally, I've been asked for digital only, which allows me to still use DVD's as a transfer medium. I burn with external burners and have a duplicator. I archive my work by using RAR and .iso images. I start them off as sparse images.

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