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Locking Premiere Pro Projects

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Jerry Clinton
Locking Premiere Pro Projects
on Apr 8, 2015 at 8:44:09 pm

I'm working with the IT department at my company on this but thought I'd check here first. We have a server that anyone at the office can access and we want to set up folders for projects with all the working files in it. The problem is (and we had the same issue with facilis solution) is if one project is opened and someone is working on it, and another person opens the same project, whomever saves last is the version that is saved. You can see how that is a problem if someone is working on it. I know the natural solution is better communication in the workplace, however there is good communication we're just looking to prevent any accidents from happening.

Any ideas? Do you think Adobe might be able to help? Any alternatives?

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Daniel Sametz
Re: Locking Premiere Pro Projects
on Apr 8, 2015 at 9:41:33 pm

Maybe this article will help.
Good luck. :)

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Ht Davis
Re: Locking Premiere Pro Projects
on Apr 8, 2015 at 11:24:33 pm

Groove styled database would be a great add on wouldn't it? Too bad it hasn't been built yet.

One way to combat multiple edit problems is nesting. Obviously, each editor at least has a name you call them. Different editors will be editing different levels of the project. You take the last guy (the boss, the big cheese; master editor) and give him access to all the other edit levels, as well as his own, and let him edit the bottom of the nesting tower (the original sequence). You then give the next guy access to all down to his level the same way (he has the first nested sequence, and his is nested in the sequence above his own, so his edits will carry from there or he can alter the edits of another, but you mandate that they can only alter an edit effect by value, no deletes outside their own sequence). You continue this down through your editor levels, with each group having a lead editor Choose a hierarchy and the final output for his team's level, and then that will be nested in the team below. That way, the changes should all update each other. You set an autosave and refresh for every 5-10 minutes. This will update the sequences with any new edits. You tell them to save often, roughly every major edit and for cutting (blade or rolling edit) every 3. This will maintain the flow of information, and will force a refresh of the file. At the very bottom nest should be the final output sequence that you bury in a bin. A sequence nobody should edit directly.

I know the idea needs some spit and polish. I leave that to you, should you decide to use something similar. If you do, please let us know.

Just a what if:
I've dragged folders into premiere, and had them update on the fly from the system. IF they retain some of the permissions... ...You can use the nesting style from above, but drop folders for each major group access, and nest by priority. If permissions are retained in the lowest form, a person will be able to see edits to the sequence, but not actually SAVE edits to that sequence. In higher forms, it should deny access to the folder (seen as a BIN) completely.

Last alternative I can think of:
Grant all read access to a project (no writing), but force them to export XML docs of their edits, and have a lead editor make necessary changes. This is by far the simplest way. Any edits that overlap or that are in conflict can be handled in dupe sequences, previewed and then selected as necessary, and then noted to the editor whose change was denied. This allows them all to work on the primary, without bumping heads. The lead editor opens a new project, imports the Old project, then the XML sequence, compares. If the edits are to an area where they do not change or alter other edits, they can be copied and pasted in place, then the xml import deleted. If they alter or change another edit, they have to be RECONCILED; print out the XML and follow the adjustments of any overlapping edits to see if they should be applied, then save the result. Any non-overlap edits can be clipped (blade) and copied in place, rendered and saved.

Note: it is the lead or managing editor's job to ensure the quality of edits and output. The last method ensures they have the last word without taking away too much from the editors themselves (nothing is stopping them from creating a temporary local copy for use in demonstration of an edit).

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Alex Udell
Re: Locking Premiere Pro Projects
on Apr 8, 2015 at 11:51:08 pm

Set the Premiere Pro Project File to Read ONLY only the server (library)

editors can pull the project file (small PPro Project file...not the bulky media) local and set permission to write...

that way nobody can be writing over the master...

only their local copy.

would still force ppl to communicate with each other prior to pushing local copy BACK to the server...or it's someone's job to coordinate the push back to the server.

Stay tuned to bet is we'll hear some more about this soon.

read this thread: VERY IMPORTANT


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Alex Udell
Re: Locking Premiere Pro Projects
on Apr 9, 2015 at 3:11:49 pm

and now:

Anywhere for Teams



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