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Audio glitch on one computer but not another

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Caitlin Kleiboer
Audio glitch on one computer but not another
on Apr 6, 2015 at 8:01:38 pm

have a project that multiple editors are looking at on separate computers. The project lives on the same drive but that drive is getting passed around for people to review on Premiere Pro CC. I am running into an issue with a major audio glitch on MTS files on 2 of the three computers.

On my computer, the one this sequence was initially edited on, everything plays back just fine. No glitches. I can see the audio waveform. I can't identify any issues. All is well.
One two other computers various MTS have a glitch where one little blip of audio is constantly repeating. The video plays back normally but the the audio sounds like a scratched record and the waveform just has the little blip of the audio that is repeating.
It's doing it to different clips on the two computers. For one, a bunch of clips from one interview are doing it, on the other computer it's the same issue but on a different set of clips.

- I have already tried to clear out the cache files to rebuild those and that did not resolve the problem.
- I have tried unlinking and relinking to the media again, that did not work.
- The MTS files were brought in correctly (via the Media Browser)
- If I make a new project and import the same clips they work just fine. but I don't want to have to reimport and recut 20 minutes work of clips from hours on interviews.

Any ideas?

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Ht Davis
Re: Audio glitch on one computer but not another
on Apr 7, 2015 at 12:48:40 am

Where are the cache files?
You'll want those internal most of the time (unique to each system) as they are simply Memory dump that can be loaded quickly.

Where are the Previews held?
Keep these anywhere, but keep audio and video together, and I would render out audio with video (a setting in preferences that renders audio previews with video previews), otherwise they will attempt to play audio from the main source with preview video, and that requires splitting audio stream from the original video (some more processing).

What plug do you use for the drive?
RAID drives are the best to use for this. They are fast and they can work at almost native interface speeds (the full theoretical speed of a plug like usb2 being 480mbps or esata being 1.5gbps). Use the best plug you can, with a RAID (RAID will combine the speeds of 2 or more drives to reach full speed data transfers).

Those three things will take some of the speedbumps out and give you an open road. Don't forget to render your previews (render the effects to show off a few pieces, but render the whole work area to show larger portions), and make sure the audio is rendered to previews as well, to the same location as the video previews. Inline stream transport files (the files made by the rendering) will play quickly, as they are small, buffer sized files.

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Caitlin Kleiboer
Re: Audio glitch on one computer but not another
on Apr 7, 2015 at 3:43:36 pm

Thanks for the thoughts but it's not a speed issue. Using drive with USB 3, media cache files are on a dedicated drive on each computer. Previews/autosaves are on the drive with the project file. It's simply that once everything loads, the audio that loads with the video is this repeating glitch instead of the real audio.

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Ht Davis
Re: Audio glitch on one computer but not another
on Apr 11, 2015 at 4:54:06 am

I've seen this before... ...a re-he-healy long time ago. Thought this type of problem was dead and gone. It was with a lot smaller audio files then, but it did happen a lot more then.

Several possible causes:
1. Different audio output modules and gfx hardware (if they are the same, check the configuration and the firmware on them for differences; as newer adobe software is still having CUDA and Mercury issues with some cards; make sure your output card has the same capabilities for sample rates as your sequence; you may want to RE-render just that part of the work area on that machine to be sure).
2. Like I said above, make sure your sample rates for audio output device is the same as your sequence (though this is usually handled by emulation).
3. IF the output devices or wires are receiving undue EM interference, you will have problems. Can also happen with power-shorting (sometimes a power outlet plug will have a bad ground or something, and it can affect certain reads from an external drive). Check your USB cord for breaks. Are there other devices being heavily accessed at the same time with plugs close by?

If it sounds like a digital distortion where the sound seems broken up, it has to do with the data read from the drive, more than likely. This is a result of both hardware and software load on the machine, along with the configuration of the output modules. This means if one machine uses a specific config and another machine doesn't have the same exact hardware, you will have problems like this. IF it's the same location over and over, every single time, you are dealing with a file problem, again tied to the read speed of that particular file. Try a defrag. Try a disk check. Hit and miss on this one.

Sometimes, setting the drive close to other sources of EM can corrupt a read or scramble it in the wire. This will have the audio scramble up at different points each time. The same would be true of a bad usb wire or port on that machine. Try different ports.

If the physical hardware of each machine is different, especially the output hardware, you'll occasionally get audio that cannot be re-sampled down. That audio will come out distorted. Try using USB output hardware with 96k or above sample rates for output. These have advanced drivers that can sometimes do a better job. Try a dedicated audio card with extremely high sample rates. Basically, try to match hardware as much as possible. If that isn't feasible, create a new sequence matching the video size of your primary, then set the audio to a lower sample rate and NEST your primary into it. Other machines with lower audio specs will be able to play through this sequence.

That's all I got... I can't think of any other reason accept a bad port, a bad interface in the offending computer, or the peaks are too high to be output correctly.

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Dave Cooper
Re: Audio glitch on one computer but not another
on Jun 25, 2015 at 12:40:25 am

Hi there. I've got this EXACT same issue. I created the original project file on a Macbook Pro with the Mercury Playback Engine CPU thing, and the files are fine there. When I try to open them on an older iMac, I get this error with only one clip. Super frustrating!

Did you ever resolve it?

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