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Excruciatingly long project load times--can't finish edit!

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Julian Lang
Excruciatingly long project load times--can't finish edit!
on Apr 1, 2015 at 8:07:39 pm

Situation: I am at the final hour of editing the project. AT this final hour I am suddenly faced with load times at several hours to open the project. I had this problem previously and got info to dump the media cache folder and media cache file folder. This seemed to work--the project load time went from 3 to 5 hours to 3 minutes or less. The problem has returned.

The dumping of the cache folder and media file cache doesn't want work this time around. I noticed a couple of things: 1. There are certain clips that seem to hang up the load. I've currently identified 2 specific files, both are .MTS clips shot on a panasonic camera. I don't know if they were the problem clips previously or not. And I don't know if there are more problem clips that I have yet to identify. 2. I've looked at the media cache files and the media cache for any clues but they both seem innocuous enough. I know that I have not moved any files except a few audio files which I subsequently reconnected. The "problem files" have not been moved from their original folder since the project began.

I don't know if I can replace the imported .mts file, or if that may even help since the original will be the same. I can't tell if there is a corrupted link or file somewhere.

Another example of quirkiness is that the project has "quit suddenly" with a message saying something like: PP must shut down because of unexpected error". It does and then it wants to open a Copy of original project.

It's all horrible.

PP cs 5; intel dual core iMac; older system; external firewire hard drives 72rpm; AE graphics; WAVE audio files.

Still plugging.

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Julian Lang
Re: Excruciatingly long project load times--can't finish edit!
on Apr 2, 2015 at 2:30:01 pm

Process Used to open project:
1. Start PP.
2. Select project.
3. Project opens.
3. The spinning ball starts its spin and lasts for many hours.

The most recent open time was several hours. I can't say how exactly. I decided to remove the last and only significant changes I made. Importing 6 short audio WAV files (linear pcm); longest is 30 seconds. The second item removed was a 5-second AE animation with a WAV soundtrack.

I added audio on Saturday, and the AE animation on monday. I also started adding all of the cross dissolves. I had rendered the whole 58 minute project as well over the weekend. It is now Wednesday evening.

Still plugging.

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Daniel Waldron
Re: Excruciatingly long project load times--can't finish edit!
on Apr 2, 2015 at 10:53:18 pm

That is not normal at all. You should contact Adobe to figure out what the issue is. You are the most patient person I know, if you wait several hours for the spinning wheel to go away. ;)

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Ht Davis
Re: Excruciatingly long project load times--can't finish edit!
on Apr 3, 2015 at 3:13:03 am

I've had the issue appear as well. Especially with mts. They are not fully supported files on any machine but the cameras that use them.

Here's the scoop on the poop:

First fix the MTS by recoding them. You're better off with h264 or even pro-res proxy on mac, and if you want to do that, use the old download of the pro-res components with the CS6 copies of the settings for AME to export to them.

On top of that... You need to keep the cache internal on a fast drive. You need to keep the video and audio files (sources) on fast drives, but they don't need to be in the same place. Finally... KEEP YOUR PREVIEWS TOGETHER ON ONE DRIVE IN THE SAME FOLDER. They need to be inline with each other for audio and video previews.

Finally, maintain your drives constantly. If your drives are running anything else besides a source video or audio, you will see problems when loading. Your machine needs to conform a cache for your editing environment. IF that cache is not local, or on your main drive, you will end up with problems because it needs permissions to react a certain way (an active system memory cache must have root or admin permissions, or at least the mac system permissions to write to their chosen directory; no other system will comply with that, and external disks, even formatted as mac hybrid HFS are iffy at best). Repair permissions. Repair drives. Do not save cache files next to their originals... ...this has proven to be problematic when originals are external drive based.

I load projects with 6 cameras each with 2hours + of footage and at least one external audio source of similar length, all in about 3 minutes on a Macbook Pro (2008) core2duo 2.16ghz 4gb ram 256mb video gfx and 2x 1tb 5400rpm hard drives, one of them formatted as exfat. I use a sparse image of about 90gb to store project file, stills, png titles\subtitles and illustrator project, encore proj, audition proj, CD layout of audition, audio source external (usually recorded in audition), and occasionally some of the proxies for the video (sync in plural eyes so I use an MP4 proxy for this then replace with pro-res proxy for edit, and later pro res LT for output, gets great quality even in MPEG2 for DVD).
I never use AME for output compression. I always output a pro-res output first, then compress that in Compressor using a batch command to do audio and video separate encodes to use in encore (which I keep in the disk image as well when they finish). When I'm done, I use a blu-ray XL or RAR and burn to dvd for archival. Of course, I work in 1080p at the highest res right now. Haven't done 4k yet.

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Etienne Michaud Ste-Marie
Re: Excruciatingly long project load times--can't finish edit!
on Apr 21, 2015 at 4:46:01 am

Hi, I'm looking desperately for a solution too about this issue. We are working on a Mac Pro and an iMac connected via ethernet cables to a Mac Mini which is our server and shares what we need to access on a Pegasus Raid 5.

We've been working on a super long project for the last weeks so we kind of know that the slow times and the unexpected quits that we are experiencing are not really what we've seen form the first weeks into the project.

The same workflow that used to take us few minutes to render a 1080 timeline is now taking the Mac Pro a good 15 - 20 minutes of export for a 5 minute timeline in Prores (not HD). On the other hand, the iMac is now showing 55 minutes remaining and is now at 46% of the export. Basically, it's now hell. We've tried many things but nothing seems to give us back the speed we had in the first 2 weeks. Also, we have a third computer that is not connected to the server, an old 2009 iMac that we use once in a while for editing and this one is also very ill. The export won't even go through and it quits before it gets to the end of the export. All three computers got the 10.10.3 updates and the reason why I went with it is because I tough the update would help with the slowness we started experiencing. It seems to always get worse day by day.

At least, the big project is almost over but we are now late on many others because of this.

"Happy" to see I'm not alone. Can't really figure out what this is all about cause I feel problems started prior to 10.10.3 update... but it sure did not help at all.

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Julian Lang
Re: Excruciatingly long project load times--can't finish edit!
on Apr 21, 2015 at 11:33:45 pm

My solution to spinning ball.

First I began emptying the media cache and media cache files folders. These folders are located within the folders you are saving your project files. I moved mine for easier access.

This helped until one day they didn't. I had been emptying and it usually worked. Suddenly this action was not yielding the results anymore.

I then emptied the .PRV file folder. You can empty these files via the Pr Pro interface (preferences) AND physically place the files in the trash. I did both.

My problems were solved and I have since submitted my video project to client.

Hoping this helps.

Still plugging.

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