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Dynamic Link from PP to AE then to PP again

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Ray Karle
Dynamic Link from PP to AE then to PP again
on Apr 1, 2015 at 12:58:49 pm

Look guys I been searching the forum for this question but I didn't find it. It's probably been asked here but, Rather than wasting time with the boss over my shoulder I'd like to see if any of you know the procedure to edit in PP then to AE, up to this point I know its FILE > ADOBE DYNAMIC LINK > REPLACE WITH AFTEREFFECTS COMPOSITION then I can work in AE and make changes that show back in the PP timeline. But now I have to adjust the timing in PP so that the video layer in AE looks better. How can I do this?

As it stands I have tried:

1. Adjusting the PP timeline with now reflecting Change to the AE timeline

2. In AE I Dynamic linked a new PP sequence and made the changes, but still no changes show in the AE file.

Not sure what else I can do up to this point aside from rendering everything separately, which is exactly what i wanted to avoid.

Running CC. Any help and criticism would be helpful at this point. Thank you!!!!


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Alex Udell
Re: Dynamic Link from PP to AE then to PP again
on Apr 1, 2015 at 3:17:23 pm


You have to think of what's in PPro as a NESTED CLIP.

so the timing changes for what's WITHIN that clip need to happen in AE.

there's not a "CLEAN" procedure for doing this.

if there are additional elements cut them in at the right time reference in PPro so you can cheek pacing and source frame selection…

then you can "copy and paste" from PPro to your existing AE comp to introduce them

Alex Udell
Editing, Motion Graphics, and Visual FX

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Ray Karle
Re: Dynamic Link from PP to AE then to PP again
on Apr 16, 2015 at 7:11:59 pm

You were right on! I figured this out on my own but yes the linked comp is just that "Linked" so any changes to this comp would reflect to AE. So now I just make the changes to my comp retiming etc. Then copy paste into the linked sequence. This changes the video in AE and any changes to AE reflect. Thank you for the reply!

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Ht Davis
Re: Dynamic Link from PP to AE then to PP again
on Apr 3, 2015 at 10:52:15 am

Simplest way to explain:
After effects sees your clip as nothing more than a clip, similar to premiere seeing a file as a clip. You'll need to create a new COMPOSITION, and set it accordingly, then drop your footage on it and interpret that to retime it.
For your first change, it would be: Drag clip to AE window from Premiere, create a comp with the retiming, place your file in there and interpret the footage for the timing the way you want
Drag the composition to premiere, and place it. This is the initial workflow, and dynamically links without much trouble, but you also need to make sure you save the AE file first, so it links to an AE file name and the comp within.

You can retime in AE for the second timing by dragging your footage out of the comp, then retiming the comp and dragging footage back in. Save the file. Open Premiere, it may have a message about the comp being changed, select okay or update the file, and save premiere project. TO ensure it shows on the timeline, you need to select the comp in project panel, select the comp in sequence, right click in sequence and replace with clip from bin. This will update the sequence with the comp, so render the effect and save premiere project.

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