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How to Time Compress without Audio Artifacts?

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Ron MooreHow to Time Compress without Audio Artifacts?
by on Mar 30, 2015 at 6:26:42 pm

We're attempting to bring a tv spot in under 30 by running the clip through Clip Speed/Duration, but keep getting audio that has a kind of robotic echo (almost like a phasing sound). Is there any way around this result or maybe going over into After Effects?

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jerry wiseRe: How to Time Compress without Audio Artifacts?
by on Apr 1, 2015 at 5:33:52 pm

well I guess there is no answer. my 1998 Discreet Smoke did it perfectly.

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Ht DavisRe: How to Time Compress without Audio Artifacts?
by on Apr 3, 2015 at 5:16:48 am

You can stretch or pinch audio but it will create artifacts in premiere (sometimes, even when you tell it to retain audio fidelity by checking the box in the speed\duration box). You'll have to edit the audio in Audition if you want to clean it up. You might dupe your sequence, then do your thing with your clip, and in the dupe, unlink audio, then send to audition, then retime the audio in audition, and correct phase. If you pinch it, you are putting more samples in the ending duration, but if you are still playing at the same rate, not all of them will play, and some will be snapped together, playing at the same time. If you stretch it, you are cutting the samples down, but playing back at the same sample rate, where some areas will have no sample, and some samples may be "adjusted" slightly to be in-line with playback. This will push them out of phase. You'll need to retime and phase correct an audio file in audition and then apply it over the top of your trouble audio.

SMOKE probably did the Audio Phase Correction for you, back then.

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Ron MooreRe: How to Time Compress without Audio Artifacts?
by on Apr 4, 2015 at 1:21:23 am

Thanks for the great info! It'd be nice to have a one-click solution in Premiere for video and audio time-fit simultaneously, but I guess that's for a future upgrade. I'm just glad to have the Creative Cloud. I processed the audio over in Audition and everything worked perfectly. Thanks again.

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Ht DavisRe: How to Time Compress without Audio Artifacts?
by on Apr 4, 2015 at 2:34:13 am

anytime. Glad I could help.

Most of my projects are non profit. I work with a Master Chorale group that has several sections, including a complete set of youth sections. I've been going to my own little school with the audio for 2 years (studying on my own and working with audition since cs5). I've found that it really helps in the video workflow as well.

I often record straight through with my mac to audition in 96k at 32bit float resolutions. This produces huge files of course, but when mixed down, the voices really do sound much the same, just slightly closer together for delay and pitch.
FYI. I was really quite def until I was 14. My right side still sucks, but they did rip the left one open and tinker a bit. Working with this group has been an awesome experience, especially with how the emotion or articulation of a note can really effect you.

If you like my tips, try checking out my Facebook group for my updates and notes on projects. Most are amateurish at best, but I also throw in some cool photos from time to time. Check out "the modern AV club" or HT Davis.

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