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Warp Stabilize 4K on HD timeline

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Harry PallenbergWarp Stabilize 4K on HD timeline
by on Mar 30, 2015 at 12:20:30 am

Why can't warp stabilize work with a 4K clip on a HD timeline? Seems so obvious and easy... I mean there are all those extra pixels just sitting there on all sides waiting to be used. Having to nest the clip is a pain and a waste of pix. I just do a stabilize on a 4K timeline, then export it, then import it and put in on the HD timeline, set to frame size and blow it up to 60% or whatever gets rid of any black box around the edges... but I mean really it should be a 1 click thing.

I hope I am just lame and don;t know about the many 3rd party plug-ins that you all are going to tell me about?


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Ht DavisRe: Warp Stabilize 4K on HD timeline
by on Mar 30, 2015 at 2:39:55 am

You need to do the same thing with 1080. It's a process.
If you want to stabilize a clip, the stabilizer needs to find the Common Pixels inside the lost edges, and it needs to find them in a larger video than the current sequence, then it alters the position and zoom using keys to make sure it is still and stable. Then you nest this into a new sequence at your desired res and interpret the footage up (will fit it exactly). I suggest you drop down to 3k then 2k then 1080, depending on how well it stabilizes, so that you can maximize quality.

A one click thing? You're talking about an After Effects edit, not premiere. When you stabilize in after effects, it is applied to the comp, just make sure the comp is smaller size than the video (you may want to try several different sizes cropping down from your 4k), then blow it up into another comp, and export the whole thing as 4k. You will lose a little quality, but not enough to cry over. One click effect will apply to the video layer, but you use a key at the beginning and end.

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Harry PallenbergRe: Warp Stabilize 4K on HD timeline
by on Mar 31, 2015 at 5:15:34 am

I guess what I'm wondering is since the 4K on HD timeline does not need zooming - all it needs is to move the picture around using all the extra pixels. Seems like it would not be that hard to do... hard to believe that something like that does not exist.


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Richard CooperRe: Warp Stabilize 4K on HD timeline
by on Apr 8, 2015 at 10:24:05 pm

Hello Harry,
Premiere cannot warp stabilize a shot on the timeline when the resolution of the clip doesn't match the timeline resolution, but there is a simple solution. Right click on the 4K clip within your 1080p timeline and choose "Nest" now apply the warp stabilizer to the nested sequence that replaced your 4K clip and it should work for you. You can also use this when you have altered the speed of a clip on your timeline and then want to warp stabilize.
Hope this helps,

Richard A. Cooper
Hybrid Color Films LLC
Anchorage, Alaska

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