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Synchronizing music clip trouble

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Valentina Calà
Synchronizing music clip trouble
on Mar 27, 2015 at 9:56:06 pm

Good morning all!
I would be very grateful to anyone who could give me any advice on this issue I am having.

I shot a music video in a studio. It is a group that does impro-jazz, so basically they have a track, but they improvise quite a lot on the solos.I was in the room with them to shoot the video (total shot, faces, expressions, hands on instruments, etc..), and we could hear just the drum and not the instruments (linked directly with the sound engineer who was in another room).I have 4 shots of total group and 5 others on close ups during solos. I managed to synchronize one of those 5 shots with the actual final track (because it is actually the take they decided to keep for the final track). As we hear just drum, I guess I managed to synchronize it because of the length (the other shots have different lengths as they improvise and as they modified the length each time they played, like the shortened the intro, for example). Now....THE question: how do I hell synchronize the others? I tried with Plural Eyes, but no way. So I thought that there are just 2 possible ways:1) One of the member of the group help me recognize the solos on the instruments with the final track on the other 4 videos2) If I manage to have all the recording of all the other tracks, then I can first synchronize all the videos with the respective track and then all of them with the final track.
The big problem is that they didn't play one song like the other, like for a pop song but the song actually changes each time.Now, do you see any possible solution that I cannot see (I hope that I was somehow clear in my explanation)?

Thank you in advance for you precious help!

PS. I am using Premiere Pro 5.5 (and Plural Eyes 2.0 plug-in)


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Ht Davis
Re: Synchronizing music clip trouble
on Mar 29, 2015 at 7:30:50 am

The problem you have with Plural EYES is that the tracks cannot synchronize to COMMON SINGLE POINTS of noise, there are too many to choose from. So your solution is, I'm sorry to say, one of tedium.

First, set each clip on it's own timeline. Mark the places where that clip has a loud point you recognize from another and then go the the waveform of the audio and adjust the mark to the articulation entry (where you actually hear the beginning of the sound), and stretch the endpoint to the drop articulation of the sound, and name the mark with the two clips where it matches. Do this for several marks in each clip.

Now nest them all in the same sequence ("but I want to do multi cam!" HUSH! We'll get there soon) and synchronize them to the marks ( you'll be able to see the marks as little tick marks usually, turn on snap to sync to frames first then turn it off and shift them as necessary). This will synchronize them, but you are locked out of multi cam. Can you guess the next step?
Select each nested sequence in turn, and have it replaced by it's corresponding clip. Now they are all in sync, and you can nest this sequence into a multi cam.
It's a little tedious, but it should make sure your clips line up using multiple points, which also means it will be very accurate.

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Ht Davis
Re: Synchronizing music clip trouble
on Apr 6, 2015 at 9:31:15 pm


You did say you recorded studio audio?
Take the finished audio track, set it as a main, and syncronize each clip in turn using plural eyes. It should poll and find the drum matches. Then just note the starting point of each clip with respect to the finished audio track.

First get the engineered audio, send to audition, boost the base. Now output to a sound only MOV or AVI as linear PCM at max quality. Send to AME and output as a the same file but check the export video box and choose a small video resolution that matches your aspect ratio (16:9 use 720X480 or 360x240 or 180x120) so that it takes very little time to code (this will be an empty video container filled with black). Match the audio settings to your Audition settings. Export. Now it will have a blank video, and will work for multicam in Premiere, but also it will be a capable sync clock if the actual timing wasn't messed with (sometimes audio engineers get punchy and move the audio of the voices around, which can cause problems when syncronizing; if this occured, you may have to use the afformentioned method from my last post). By finding the sync frame for each video, you can place them manually or mark that spot and add the clip name to the notes of the mark. When you finish, you can drop the finished audio, mark an in\out, and nest the sequence.

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