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Stopping in mid-transition

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Maria Bartholdi
Stopping in mid-transition
on Mar 26, 2015 at 6:54:54 pm

Is there a way to stop in the middle of a transition (like a diagonal wipe) - to keep both pieces of video up at the same time?

I didn't know if there was an easy way to do this, or if I have to use Crop and masks (in the case of a diagonal wipe) to achieve this.

Thank you!

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Joe Barta IV
Re: Stopping in mid-transition
on Mar 26, 2015 at 8:57:19 pm

You already have the answer, use Crop and Masks, keyframed for the best control of the effect you want.


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Ht Davis
Re: Stopping in mid-transition
on Mar 26, 2015 at 9:09:55 pm

Go to the effect controls. Do you see the A and B boxes? Those are clip A and Clip B. You move from one to the other in a pre-built effect. If we are talking no opacity changes (no fading out or fading between on video), then...
A few questions:
do you want both clips to be fully in the screen (seeing both clips in their own corners and stop there a moment to play them both; black areas will be showing with only 2 and you can't usually pull in more with prebuilt effects)?
Or are you going partial screen on the videos (i.e. several videos from different corners coming together; more than 2)?
Are you talking split screen (where no black is present but both videos are on the screen left\right or top\bottom)?

You will need to edit this on your own by setting keys and using them to move the video areas for each clip to a position in the frame. You'll need a pen and paper or a printed screen grab of the effects controls for position and motion at the start, then you'll need to evaluate those values for where you want the videos to be in the frame. You'll need to do this separately for each clip, and they will need to be on separate video tracks (i.e., no transition). This goes for situation 3 as well, and you'll have to have each clip you want on the screen on a separate track. And the ones that push each other over (bump out of the way etc) will have to overlap (i.e., they will be on separate tracks for the same frames). The steps are below:
on clip 1: Key the spot you want the motion of clip 1 to start, make sure you have a screen grab of the initial values, you'll want these for later (place a key frame for both adjustment and zoom in the same spot), write down the time code as well (do this for each key). Play through to where you want the videos to "Pause" or hold still in the frame, and place a key here for position and zoom. Play through to where you want the effect to continue motion, stop, place a key here (for each, same as before), and play through to where you want the first video to be off screen completely. Key here as before, but add a key for opacity. Move 3 frames forward Key here for opacity only. (5 keys total, keys meaning the keyed frame) You should have noted the keyed positions in timecode.
----For key 1, leave it alone.
----For key 2, adjust position (both x and y), Zoom, and screen grab or write down the values, and you can adjust using the mouse by placing over the numbers, click hold dragging left or right, and watching the monitor for the movement. You will have to move it
----For key 3, match key 2 settings
----For key 4, Adjust position until offscreen completely, with zoom to full (100%)
----For key 5, Adjust opacity to 0 and zoom to full, leave position alone
Move 5 frames ahead, place an edit mark, and place another edit mark 2s before the video one track comes back in, you can delete the video portion here to save on preview output data and it shows you where the clip exits focus.
Repeat this for clip 2. You can even adjust this so more clips can end up on screen, and then you can have the exit motion pull up the clip you want to bring in to full focus. You can save the settings as an effect as well. Open a new sequence, set an in and out point to create a clipping 9 seconds long, nest that in a new sequence (will act as a clip). Now go to the 2s mark in the clip, place key 1, and place other keys with 1s between them, leaving 2s at the end of the clip. Remove all other settings from the effect controls, and then save the effect as a preset. You can adjust the length of the preset by moving the keys to where they need to be when you apply it. If you want a multipurpose preset, you could have 2 sets of each effect control, then turn off the one you don't want when you apply it, and then move the keys.

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