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H264 crashing CC2014 but not CC?

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Jay Thomas
H264 crashing CC2014 but not CC?
on Feb 14, 2015 at 9:53:08 pm

I have some screen capture video files that load/import fine in premiere pro cc but crash cc 2014 whenever I try to load or import them. This is happening with the two CC applications on the same computer system, so nothing is changing but the app.

I can open an empty CC project, import these files in any manner successfully and work with them, then open an empty CC 2014 project, attempt to import any one of these files and the application crashes every time, whether the import is by dragging the file into the project, using the import menu, or by having the clip already exist in the project and attempting to link the media. Been this way consistently since I upgraded to CC 2014 a few months ago.

The files have non-standard FPS such as 12, 10, etc., which could be the problem, but the question remains why are they ok in CC but not CC 2014? They also, btw, crash Media Encoder CC2014 but not Media Encoder CC.

They're all H.264, 640x480, AAC audio.

This is currently the only problem in CC 2014 on this system, even with a large project with over 14,000 items of various origin, so everything else seems to be working fine.

I could convert them somehow, but they exist and are heavily used in a project that I migrated from CC to CC2014 - I know, mid-stream migration... but the entire project works fine as long as these files are not online.

Any ideas?

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Ryan Patch
Re: H264 crashing CC2014 but not CC?
on Feb 15, 2015 at 9:36:30 pm

I can't speak to your specific situation, but I have found a couple of other situations in which CC2014 is less stable than CC. Relinking files is another. So, perhaps just fill out a big form and wait... :-/

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Jay Thomas
Re: H264 crashing CC2014 but not CC?
on Feb 15, 2015 at 9:48:08 pm

Thanks. Updating:

These are screen captures of Skype sessions where the fps is all over the map. I've found that if I convert them to 24fps, maintaining h264 codec, frame size and audio settings, the files import into CC2014 with no problem.

This doesn't answer why the files are only a problem in CC2014 and not CC, which I'd love to know, but it is a workaround.

I'm doing these conversions with QT7 since the files also crash Media Encoder CC2014. Luckily, as screen captures of Skype sessions, image quality is not the highest priority so any degradation in this workaround is acceptable. Would love to be able to avoid this in the next instance, though, so if anyone knows anything more, please advise.

Many thanks.


Mac OS 10.9.4
iMac 27" 32GB RAM

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Tom Adams
Re: H264 crashing CC2014 but not CC?
on Feb 17, 2015 at 2:58:17 am
Last Edited By Tom Adams on Feb 17, 2015 at 2:59:18 am

my cc 2014 has crashed six times with same project today - thus why i'm still up editing. it's killing me. terribly jittery playback. haven't changed any settings either.

can't open with premiere pro )non CC) though, right? hope we get some answers...

Hi all, not sure if I'm supposed to post here for Premiere Pro CC 2014 or in creative cloud forum but...

cc has been really stuttery and crashed 6 times today. see attached system info

I just got 16GB ram added and it seemed to be working wonderfully until today... help?


Tom Adams - Director/Owner
Reelife Documentary Productions
"cool digital video stuff...not boring or dumb"
Williamsburg, MA, USA

Premiere ProCC 2014
4TB Firewire Drives
Panasonic AGAC90, Canon D60 DSLR

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chris king
Re: H264 crashing CC2014 but not CC?
on Nov 24, 2015 at 6:26:43 am

Anyhow Premiere Pro CC is more stable than CS6. What's more, H.264 is highly compressed. That's not where you want to start with editing for high quality results. Something even worse, users always found H.264 footage like from GoPro HD(.mp4), Canon EOS(.mov) can’t be recognized by Adobe Premiere Pro. A solution to import H.264 to Adobe Premiere is to transcode all H.264 files to MPEG-2 and then edit with new codec.

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