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It’s About Time

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Blake PorterIt’s About Time
by on Feb 9, 2015 at 7:16:01 pm

Dear Cows,
Am I possibly one of the last Final Cut Pro users?
I am looking to make the switch to Premiere Pro CC (After Effect and Photoshop are important too)
To make the switch, does my current Mac Pro need to be updated? Please give me some recommendations! I need a fast editing, encoding machine.

Key Work Flows
After Effects animations
EXcam footage, DSLR footage, GoPro Heros… I’ll probably be seeing 4K footage before long
Encoding HD video projects through multiple programs (Compressor, HandBreak, MPEG Streamclip..)

Current Computer
Mac Pro (Mid 2010
2 x 2.66 GHz 6-core Intel Xeon
ATI Radeon HD 5870 1024MB

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Andy EdwardsRe: It’s About Time
by on Feb 10, 2015 at 4:32:21 pm

Your current machine did it's task well for the past few years with FCP and its RAM limitations. Moving to Premiere you have a couple of options. Buy a 6,8, or 12 core New Mac Pro with, 1TB SSD, D500 or D700 graphics card, add some adapters for those old Firewire drives and get back to work. Just depends on the size of your wallet and how high you want to go. I've chosen the middle of the road version (6 Core) for a bunch of our edit bays and they seem to handle Premiere, After Effects and any encoding thrown at them. I've extended the life of our older Mac Pro Towers by purchasing the following: 2 512GB SSD's, 1 for OS, 1 for renders & cache files, two 3-4TB SATA drives for internal media if you are not on a SAN or external raid. Throw in a Nvidia K4000 graphics card (yes it is showing it's age, but does the trick for now) and 32 GB of Ram from OWC. You could go higher on the graphics card to a Nvidia K5000 or higher, but you are then looking at $1,700+ for just the graphics card alone. You can also look into swapping out the old tower CPU tray from 6 core to a 12 core with OWC ( ). Scott Simmons has a write up on another site that details his old mac pro tower hardware upgrades ( )

The new Mac Pro's are nice, but I've seen issues with Premiere and Yosemite and even Mavericks OS and the OPEN CL drivers. Even with Apple updating things under the hood, it seems intermittent at times which ads to the frustration when trouble shooting the new Mac Pro systems. You didn't mention if you were using AJA or BMD iO hardware? That ads another level of cost if you want to upgrade those cards or boxes to work with a new mac pro. Some people are having good luck with just maxing out a new 5K iMac, but best to test your workflows before you buy.

Hope that helps.

Andy Edwards

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Blake PorterRe: It’s About Time
by on Feb 11, 2015 at 3:19:24 am

Thanks for the ideas Andy!

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Jake AbramsonRe: It’s About Time
by on Feb 12, 2015 at 12:01:20 am

It will be lagging. I went from a 2008 Macpro to a Late 2013 and there was a huge difference.

You can trial Premiere Pro CC for 30 days and it can be installed next to Final Cut without issue.

As someone who went from FCP to Premiere, the integration between all of the various other Adobe programs makes it a huge benefit to upgrade.

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Blake PorterRe: It’s About Time
by on Feb 12, 2015 at 12:31:39 am

If I'm switching to Premiere Pro AND getting a new computer, is there any reason to stay with mac pro?
I have years of edited projects from the current mac pro that I will need to open from time to time. Will a PC running premiere have trouble opening projects made on a mac pro? (I think this uses XML file)

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Will EcclestonRe: It’s About Time
by on Feb 12, 2015 at 11:27:49 am

After being a lifelong Mac head, I helped convince a client to make the leap to Windows a couple of years ago, mainly because we would occasionally work in some pretty hefty After Effects comps, and you can build a Windows machine that is much more powerful for that sort of work than ANY Mac. However, it was ultimately a nightmare. They/we have hundreds of terabytes of projects from the last 10 years on Mac formatted drives -- projects that we refer to regularly -- and there has yet to be an elegant solution for dealing with that material on Windows. Yes, you can use MacDrive (sort of) but we never found it to work very well, and it created many problems of its own in Windows. Or you could have a shared storage solution and transfer all of your old projects to that, but at the size we would've needed, it would've been a massive investment. Ultimately, they are back on the Mac, and happy.

Note that the highest-end iMacs are VERY capable, and may be suitable for you. Plenty of posts on The Cow about what their capabilities and limitations are.

Good luck.

Will Eccleston
Kinetiscape Films

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Jake AbramsonRe: It’s About Time
by on Feb 12, 2015 at 4:04:11 pm

I went with a MacPro for 2 reasons

1) Thunderbolt (I went with a pegasus thunderbolt raid and a Matrox MAX)

2) Our IT department abuses PCs and overloads them with all the required applications and permission settings. They don't touch the macs (although, if something breaks, I'm responsible, which I'm fine with).

I haven't even loaded FCP on the new systems. I do keep the old ones around for the rare instance I need to open a FCP project, and the export to XML for Premiere works quite well.

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Herb SevushRe: It’s About Time
by on Feb 12, 2015 at 2:19:32 pm

I am currently using the same 2010 dual quad 2.4 I used for FCP very happily with Ppro 2014. I would suggest upping the ram to at least 32 GB and changing GFX cards. I'm currently using a GTX 680 with 4GB ram and it's made a huge difference. If you have the money I'm sure a new Mac or Windows machine would be faster still, but I'm having no problems with my setup.

Herb Sevush
Zebra Productions
nothin' attached to nothin'
"Deciding the spine is the process of editing" F. Bieberkopf

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