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Using multiple files per camera with Multi-Camera sequencing

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Jason Paradis
Using multiple files per camera with Multi-Camera sequencing
on Jan 29, 2015 at 11:00:14 pm

I have a show that I am editing that uses several cameras. Unfortunately, each camera cuts the files into many bits and so I have a huge pile of 20 files per camera.

When I try to import and then create a multi camera sequence Premiere thinks that those files are different camera angles.

How can I get Premiere to recognize that the files need to be played in sequence and not convert them to 20 different camera angles?

Do I have to merge all of the files first? I tried that already but Premiere crashes because the output was going to be something like 65GB.

None of the tutorials out there explain this. They all assume you are using one file per camera.


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Bob Richardson
Re: Using multiple files per camera with Multi-Camera sequencing
on Jan 30, 2015 at 1:52:32 am

Start by creating a multi-camera sequence with just the first file from each camera. Then, you can open this multi-camera sequence in the timeline (right-click on the sequence, then open in timeline), and you'll see each camera as a separate track. You can then add additional clips to each track manually. There can even be gaps between clips (such as a camera where recording was stopped and started again later.)

As for synchonization (lining up the clips on the timeline), this depends on your footage and the presence of 3rd-party tools such as pluraleyes. But if these multiple clips don't actually drop any frames, you should be able to drag them back-to-back.

A versatile thing about being able to edit within the multi-camera sequence, is that you can apply effects and color correction. But save that for last, as it can bog down processing and frame rates while you're editing.

But let's take a step back: What camera are you using? Are you using the Media Browser to import the clips? The Media Browser is smart enough to combine multiple clips from a single recording into a single "clip" in your Project. But it needs to be a camera that Media Browser recognizes.

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Jorge Alduncin
Re: Using multiple files per camera with Multi-Camera sequencing
on Jan 30, 2015 at 5:31:58 am

Greetings, the best thing you can do first is letting premiere assign each clip into a track, even if they're twenty and then you control click on the multicam clip select open in timeline and once you are able to see what's inside the multicam, since each clip won't overlap because they were shot one after the other u can move them with the nudge down shortcut so that u can put different clips in the same track so u don't have twenty tracks but gathering several clips in three four tracks.I have worked this way and it doesn't take too much time. If you have any more question I'll be glad to help.

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Murali Subramani
Re: Using multiple files per camera with Multi-Camera sequencing
on Jan 25, 2016 at 7:23:29 pm

Are we assuming that all cameras start at the same time? and if not can we synchronize rest of the clips on the time line just like we synchronized our first clip. Because I am right now struggling with a short film with 3 camera set up with about 2 hours of footage. I am facing sync problem and so i am creating one single multiple camera clip for each shot and trying to edit. Its pretty much time consuming.... hmmmm... I am really new to this multicam thing pls!

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