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Quick way to Label clips?

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Alex KuzelickiQuick way to Label clips?
by on Jan 17, 2015 at 4:21:27 am


Sometimes I like to label clips with a colour, eg. good takes, but I find the process of right-clicking, choosing Label and then choosing the colour I want to be a bit laborious if I'm doing it all day.

Would LOVE to be able to label a clip with a particular colour with one keyboard shortcut. As in select a clip, hit the shortcut and it turns (say) green.

Does anyone know if this is possible... and, if so, how to do it?

I've looked in the Keyboard Shortcuts under Label but can't see any options to do what I'd like (as above).

Thanks in advance. Cheers,


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Dennis RadekeRe: Quick way to Label clips?
by on Jan 17, 2015 at 1:18:51 pm


Have you given thought to organizing via Search Bins? This is a new feature to help organize based on metadata. For example, you could mark all 'good' clips with a marker or metadata tag saying 'good'. Then you can create a virtual bin using the search bin feature.

You can find out a bit more about the feature here:

Dennis - Adobe guy

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Alex KuzelickiRe: Quick way to Label clips?
by on Jan 17, 2015 at 3:46:54 pm

Hey Dennis,

Thanks for your reply and info. I watched your video and you have some great stuff in there. The Search Bins are an awesome feature that I can see would come in really handy, in lots of situations. Played around with them for awhile and was impressed with the possibilities.

Unfortunately, all the workflows I could come up with involved having the time to enter in some sort of Metadata, for the Search Bin to search for and then create the bin containing the desired clips - of course! But, for me, the amount of keystrokes to do that is actually the same or (if I go without an assigned shortcut) more than if I did my current 'Right-click > Label > choose a color' method.

I'm trying to cut down on keystrokes! I'm currently editing live-action previz on an action film and we just don't have the time to spend entering in Metadata (as much as we'd like to). Everything must be edited and revised so quickly that the best system is to label good takes as green as we go. Then we have a quick visual way to identify the preferred takes - especially useful if another editor wants to do a revision or alternate cut.

The pace we work at doesn't allow for much else, which is why I'd LOVE for there to be a way to assign a keyboard shortcut to a Label color. Then it would be one click instead of three to label good, bad and alternate takes. That would be such a simple and incredibly useful shortcut, I'm surprised there doesn't seem to be a way to do it. I searched around on these forums and it seems there used to be a way (in PPro CS 5.5 at least) but it's no longer available.

If anyone does know how though please, please let me know. Or Adobe, if you're listening - please help make labelling clips quicker for people in a rush, like me, haha.

Thanks again for your help, Dennis. Great stuff.


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Alex KuzelickiFound it!
by on Jan 17, 2015 at 4:43:20 pm

Hey Dennis,

Just in case anyone's interested. In the Keyboard Shortcuts > Edit > Label menu you can assign shortcuts to the different colors, and they will apply in both the Project window and on the Timeline.

Pretty happy now. :)

The only weirdness is that the names of the colors don't match the actual colors in any way whatsoever. In fact, some of the names don't even match the default names in the Label Colors Preferences. I'm guessing that's something that's been overlooked from previous versions (when the color names were more straight forward eg. green, red, yellow, etc).

No big deal though, a simple matter of deduction by trial and error and I got my green, red and orange color shortcuts.

Hopefully, this might help someone else somewhere out there.

Thanks again, Dennis.



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Alex UdellRe: Found it!
by on Jan 17, 2015 at 7:07:18 pm

check your prefs...there is a another option to sync the colors everywhere in the project with those that you set in the project panel

Alex Udell
Editing, Motion Graphics, and Visual FX

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Alex KuzelickiRe: Found it!
by on Jan 23, 2015 at 3:34:43 am

Hey Alex,

Thanks for that suggestion... only I can't find it in the Prefs. Mind telling me exactly where? Have looked it over a few times but am no seeing it.

Sorry if it's right in front of my eyes, haha.

Thanks in advance,


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