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Premiere Pro or PluralEyes for audio sync

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Alex Zvyk
Premiere Pro or PluralEyes for audio sync
on Dec 29, 2014 at 6:07:13 pm
Last Edited By Alex Zvyk on Dec 29, 2014 at 6:08:40 pm

Kind of rhetorical question, since PPro currently doesn't come close to PluralEyes - but I'd like it to.

For example, PPro relatively successfully syncs one video clip to one audio clip.

How come it can't do multiple at the time, just like PluralEyes does?

And if you try to go around in PPro and

1. Sync Video clip 1 to Audio 1
2. Sync Video clip 2 to Audio 1,

then both operations succeed - but PPro moves Audio 1 down the timeline, instead of moving Video clip 2 up - which throws out previously sync'd Video clip 1 !

Am I doing it wrong, or is there a workaround or an upcoming feature to fix this situation where multiple files cannot by effectively sync'd in PPro CC 2014?

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Christina Crawley
Re: Premiere Pro or PluralEyes for audio sync
on Apr 22, 2015 at 6:09:57 pm

I'm thinking the exact same thing.

I love Pluraleyes and all these Premiere Sync tutorials are about the merge clips and pairing one audio track to a video clip. Where is a multi-cam case study for the Premiere Pro CC synchronize with audio? Good ol cam 1 w/ master audio and cam 2 (5d) reference audio.

If that functionality isn't there, its a shame. If I'm doing something wrong, tell me what I'm missing!

Also seems to me Pluraleyes is still much faster in processing.

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James Strawn
Re: Premiere Pro or PluralEyes for audio sync
on Apr 22, 2015 at 7:31:04 pm

It's a good request and you should share it here if you haven't yet...

Software Quality Assurance - Digital Video at Adobe Systems

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Eric Santiago
Re: Premiere Pro or PluralEyes for audio sync
on May 26, 2015 at 12:57:49 pm

I have to sync over 800 R3Ds and they need it in Premiere Pro CC 2014.
I havent had one successful clip.
I can do it with TC but only about 15% of the lot has it :P
Tried both PluralEyes and Premiere and not a single clip.
Not to start any flame wars but I can do this in FCPX easily and have done it.
I purchased Xto7 so I can bring it into Premiere and still no good since the plug-in and Premiere dont want to play nice with FCPX XML :(

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nat ives
Re: Premiere Pro or PluralEyes for audio sync
on May 26, 2015 at 1:42:04 pm

I gave up using PE as a standalone app with the upgrade from 3.3 to 3.5. After upgrade, PE insisted on exporting XML w/stereo audio (see my previous posts re: this here:

Instead, I bring a/v content into PP first and take a little time to organize my files. Once that's done, I port to PE (w/PP>PE extension) in small, organized batches. Most problems from there on are related to issues on set (under-modulated audio, inconsistent start/stop procedures between camera and audio operators, etc.)

Re: low audio levels -- one thing I haven't tried (just occurred to me, actually) would be to bump up the audio gain in PP prior to sending to PE. Not sure how/if this would work.

Using PP to prep first is much more effective and efficient, in the long run. My $.02. Tossing a gazillion files at PE is not ideal.

This doesn't directly address your question about multi-cam. I don't have experience with that. I have seen it work, however!!

Nat Ives
Manager & Lab Instructor
Communication & Media Studies Production Center
University of Southern Maine
Portland, ME

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