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Strange error message. Premierepro CC 2014 won't start

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David Mowbray
Strange error message. Premierepro CC 2014 won't start
on Dec 2, 2014 at 2:47:49 pm

I downloaded the most recent Premiere Pro CC 2014 update. I have been working with it very well until one day I closed the program after working on a project file. Came back later and tried to open it and ...

"This project contained a sequence that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec could be associated with this sequence type."

It then gives me the opening screen so I can pick another project. Problem it that happens with ALL the projects I have. I can't open anything. I get the same message with every project file.

And then a day later it is all good again, so my original ideas about project file corruption are not valid (and it wouldn't open old .prproj files from earlier versions (plain xml) either.

Anyone have this experience? Anyone know how to fix it?


Baobab Productions Inc.

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Andreas Ahston
Re: Strange error message. Premierepro CC 2014 won't start
on Dec 3, 2014 at 2:56:04 pm

Hi David

I am experiencing the same issue. I'm working towards a deadline and this is extreemly frustrating, and it's costing money. I've found a partial workaround. That worked to some extent and that I've quoted in the end of the message.

Even though I managed to get my sequences back I've still got some way to go. My editing assistant have synced a lot of files while I was working on a different aspect of the project. Because this workaround is based on work done in sequences that can be imported from one project to another. But in my case the work that I need to import consists of merged files and I can import them from the other project.

This is not the first time Premiere slows down my work. The initial switch from FCP was easy, but I've run into a lot of strange bugs and errors like this. The damn thing just doesn't work well enough to take over from FCP. Generally Premiere has a lot of problems with onlining material. It is strange that Final Cut Pro worked a lot easier with Adobe Photoshop than Adobe Premiere does. FCP would immediately update any changes made in the psd files. In Premiere you have to do everything from scratch if you have changes to any graphic element.

So in the off chance that anyone from adobe actually cares enough about it's costumers to read this: You guys need to get your act together. I am just about ready to switch to Avid.


"My solution:
1- Create a NEW PROJECT and save it in the same folder you have your project with the problem (DO NOT OVERWRITE your original file, save it with a different name you will need to import it in the end).

NOW here is the TRICK --- >
2- Create a NEW SEQUENCE
2.1- Click on ANY of the presets you like
2.2- Now click on the tab SETTINGS
2.3- In the 1st option = Editing Mode -- > CHANGE it to --- > CUSTOM (DO NOT USE ANY of the Adobe presets)
2.4- Set the other parameters as you like
2.5- In VIDEO PREVIEW (for PC) I use Microsoft AVI -- > dv24p advanced… MAC probably use QuickTime.
2.6- ****** CLICK -- > SAVE PRESET -- > use any name you like.
2.7- SELECT your new custom preset and double click on it.

3- IMPORT the original file using the option -- > IMPORT SELECT SEQUENCE --> Select ONLY the editing sequence…
3.1- now double click the IMPORT sequence.
3.2- click on the timeline, select all your project (ctrl+a) and copy it (ctrl+c)
3.3- double click the NEW sequence
3.4- the new sequence should be EMPTY (no video/audios). Now paste it (ctrl+v)
3.4- DELETE the old sequence you imported (JUST the old imported sequence, keep all the linked files)

4- Save it

It worked for all my files in Premiere Pro CS6 and I also tried on Premiere Pro CC and all opened perfectly…

I hope it helps you !!
Fabio -"

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Andreas Ahston
Re: Strange error message. Premierepro CC 2014 won't start
on Dec 3, 2014 at 3:19:30 pm
Last Edited By Andreas Ahston on Dec 3, 2014 at 3:24:38 pm

I just talked to someone from Adobe on the phone.

I had to sign out from Creative Cloud and sign in again. They said that the error is caused by being signed out –without being told so– and that the codecs becomes unavailable when you are not properly signed in.

I hope this works for you too.


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