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Copying Illustrator CC text/graphics to Premiere pro text tool.

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Tony Martin
Copying Illustrator CC text/graphics to Premiere pro text tool.
on Nov 28, 2014 at 2:07:23 pm

Hello all and thank you for reading.

I am trying to create a credit roll using the scrolling text tool in Premiere Pro CC. I have the text already formatted and beautiful in Illustrator CC but I'm having a horrible time trying to get it into the text tool in Premiere Pro. I'll detail my efforts in a second but first now that I have googled this thoroughly and also searched and read numerous threads on this site as well. Here goes.

First, if I just try to copy and paste the text into the Premiere Pro text tool, PP crashes. Every time. It sucks as that would be easy. But hey, when the largest, most important project you've ever done is squeaking up to the deadline, who needs easy? There is another thread on Creative Cow that suggest loading the graphic into the text tool. Thread here. The helpful Mr. Tim Kolb suggest right clicking, choosing Logo and then inserting the graphic. I believe that the 'Logo' he refers to has been replaced by 'Graphic' now in the latest version of CC because Logo doesn't exist anymore and graphic is in it's place.

So, thanks to Mr. Kolb's suggestion, I selected graphic and imported the .ai file as a graphic. This works, somewhat. The text is there as a graphic and the scroller works in getting it scrolled up the screen BUT, the text is now super faint (as if the opacity is on %50) and basically unusable. I've checked every opacity level I could find, all are at %100. Based on several other threads I've combed through here, I have also selected the graphic, gone back into the 'graphic' menu (formerly the 'Logo' menu I believe) and clicked on both 'Restore graphic size' and 'Restore graphic aspect ratio'. Nada. I've tried recreating the file in AI, I've tried exporting the .ai file as png and I went back a few more times to try copying it and pasting it. It's like banging my head against the wall because it feels so good when I stop. I've also tried copying the formatted text into a word processor (text edit) and then copying the text into the text tool in PP but it copies as an image, not text.

If I import the same .ai file directly into the project and throw it in the timeline, the text is perfectly readable, clear and solidly black. Throw it in the text tool and it's greyish and faint. I want to, however, use the scrolling text tool to give myself a nice smooth scroll. I've searched around for the past few hours and nothing I try works.

"Why don't you just create the text inside the text tool," you say? Well, I would but that's a last resort because I have quite a few different credit rolls to make and I have formatted several beautiful paragraph styles within Illustrator in order to make the input much easier. Doing all of the formatting inside of the text tool would be... inconvenient. To say the least.

"Well why don't you just throw the .ai file into the timeline like you mentioned earlier and then key the motion up the screen?" When I try that, I get the awful jittery movement that I'm trying to avoid.

I know I'm a retard, I know I'm making a simple mistake and I know it's right under my nose but I cannot for the life of me figure this out.

Thank you all for your help and for being an awesome community where I've received so much advice on so many different projects. For years in my video creation career, I've appreciated the hell out of you all.

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