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Looking for easiest way to deal with sync sound during edit, problems with standard workflow

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Kyle Turgeon
Looking for easiest way to deal with sync sound during edit, problems with standard workflow
on Jul 23, 2014 at 3:35:48 pm

Hey guys,

I know this has been kind of a beat to death subject but I've researched a ton, tried a bunch of different ways, and still can't figure out the best way to do it. Here's my situation:

I'm in the middle of production on a 40 minute documentary which by the end of it will probably have 4-6tb of footage. I'm recording two sources of audio -- shotgun into camera as well as a wireless lav into a zoom h1n, and trying to figure out the best way to sync them and edit the syncs.

I tried using synchronize within Premiere, but that won't work for the volume of clips, so I got Pluraleyes, which is great. Once everything is synced up, I need to merge the clips, which works fine. Then I go through and make sub clips from those and all is still okay, but when I go to actually cut everything together, I can't mark ins/outs within the sub clips. Sometimes it straight up won't let me, and other times once brought into the timeline (both by mouse and keyboard insertion), the ins/outs don't line up with where I marked the clip. Worst comes to worst I could trim in the timeline but I find that really frustrating and a big waste of time. I'm really trying to streamline my workflow so that I can work as efficiently as possible as it's such a large project.

I'm wondering what the best way to proceed is. Should I cut everything without syncing and then sync once I have a master timeline-- would that work? Should I abandon my process of making subclips and then going back into them to mark precise ins/outs, and move to a workflow with markers and make ins/outs from the master merge?

I feel like this is a pretty standard problem an editor has to deal with, and I'm hoping that some of you guys have had to deal with it and could share your practices.



Kyle Turgeon // Filmmaker
Nashville, TN

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