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Unnesting synced Audio from Pluraleyes sequences. Any Ideas?

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Travis Dom
Unnesting synced Audio from Pluraleyes sequences. Any Ideas?
on Jul 2, 2014 at 11:06:47 pm

Hello All,

I have recently started post-audio work on an indy feature film and upon starting with the dialogue editing I have come across a bit of a snag.

I believe the editor has synced all the audio, (sometimes multiple lapels and a boom) using Pluraleyes, (or an equvalent.) Which, from what I know, places the synced clips into their own sequence, so essentially you end up with a separate sequence for every shot synced.

The editor has then gone and edited the entire film nesting each scene in it's own sequence (Ok, no problem there). But then, within each scene, each edited shot is it's own nested sequence containing the multiple audio tracks.

So leaving me with three levels of nesting.

The third level (Shots level) once opened has the full-length clip, not the shorter edited/trimmed version.

I need the separate audio tracks to at least be separate on the second level of nesting. (doing away with level three).

Can anyone suggest a method of achieving this that doesn't entail me doing it the (very) long way. (Ie. Going into each shot's sequence, copying the audio tracks and then pasting, resyncing and trimming them on to nesting level 2.)

Can anybody help? Does my description even make sense...?

Thanks in advance,


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