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What is causing Media Encoder to take so long on this video clip?

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Chris Hunter
What is causing Media Encoder to take so long on this video clip?
on Apr 7, 2014 at 8:16:16 am

Hello there,

Long time lurker on this forum, first time poster.
I've been left with little choice though as I've encountered an issue when encoding my videos- one file in particular.

I am relatively new to all this and while I understand the basics and have done for some time, I've never had a need to use the software until I joined my current University course.

My PC specs are:
CPU - AMD Phenom II x4 3.40ghz
GPU - GTX 660
OS - windows 7

Now, to the issue at hand...
A couple of days ago I successfully rendered a 17 minute long video within three hours. No issues there.

Yesterday I began the queue on Media Encoder for a similar file using the same custom export settings that i'd saved from my previous export only to find that the Estimated time remaining had shot up from two and a half hours to over twelve hours!?

I honestly can't be sure what I've done differently and the second video is actually shorter in length. I did use a couple of fade effects lasting a split second each though i don't see how that could have such a dramatic impact.

I intend to run a few more tests (and internet searches) but I thought it would be a good plan to get my question on here quickly.
It's highly likely that in my ignorance I've looked past some setting or other somewhere but perhaps you're aware of this mysterious pitfall already?

I can provide you with more information if you ask me, though i think my OP is already long enough now so instead I will ask for any advice/ suggestions that you may have.

Thank you for reading and doubly so if you can help me out.

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Angelo Lorenzo
Re: What is causing Media Encoder to take so long on this video clip?
on Apr 7, 2014 at 8:54:00 am

Did you let it export to completion? These progress bars are estimated by how difficult a section is to process if the entire video is just as difficult.

In other words, it's not uncommon for a video to go from 30 minutes to three hours when it hits one VFX shot only to go back down after it's done rendering that portion.

I forget if Media Encoder shows a "time completed" but just jot down the time you started the render before you go to bed and look at the last modified time when you wake up.

Angelo Lorenzo

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Steve Fodor
Re: What is causing Media Encoder to take so long on this video clip?
on Sep 5, 2014 at 5:38:34 pm

Hello Chris
I have the same specs that you listed (W7 Ultimate may be the exception) and I too am running into problems on several occasions starting AME from Premiere Pro CC / CC 2014.
I'm wondering if you too are having an issue with the 660 rendering layered video tracks, especially if there are any effects on the top layer.
This is very frustrating for me as I feel I have a competent system with quality software yet feel like I'm beta testing.

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