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How to link back R3D footage from proxy files?

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Levan Khomeriki
How to link back R3D footage from proxy files?
on Dec 19, 2012 at 11:10:38 am


so I've got this finished movie with 100+ sequences in Premiere Pro all done with proxies in Premiere Pro and would like to link them back to original 4K R3D source. What will be the shortest way?


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Angelo Lorenzo
Re: How to link back R3D footage from proxy files?
on Dec 19, 2012 at 6:49:26 pm

1. In Premiere, simplify your timelines: reduce video to one layer (aka lane or track), remove all but simple transitions like crossfade and dip to black. You may also need to manually convert multicam and merged clips if you use them, although I don't recall 100%

2. Export a Final Cut XML from Premiere.

3. In Redcine-X, go to File > Import. You will be brought to an interesting window or options. Select the folders where your camera originals are. A top level folder should be sufficient as it will scan deep. Ther default settings should be fine, the only one I would concern yourself about would be framerate. Hit import and select your XML from the previous step. RCX may prompt you to manually relink any footage it can't match.

4. You should see Redcine-X rebuild your project with RED footage including the bin structure. Watch your timelines and look for errors or other issues.

5. Go to File > Export (Shallow) and export a Final Cut XML (not Final Cut X XML). Import this into a Premiere Pro Project (I would make sure there is no weirdness before merging to your original project). Premiere will ask you the location of your RED files. If they're all in the same spot then manually relinking one should help Premiere figure out where the others are.

You should be up and rolling with fully conformed timelines.

Angelo Lorenzo

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Levan Khomeriki
Re: How to link back R3D footage from proxy files?
on Dec 20, 2012 at 12:17:25 am

Angelo, thanks for the extensive reply.

I tried your method, Premiere exported 6mb XML file just fine, but when I tried to import it in Redcine-X, nothing happened;

Than I stripped the project and left only few scenes - but now Redcine just crashes during import.

Are there any other means for this job?


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James McCavana
Re: How to link back R3D footage from proxy files?
on Jan 26, 2015 at 12:00:36 pm

Hi Angelo,
I was just faced with this same problem and it was doing my head in. I had actually started to re-link the media clip by clip, which was a bit frightening as there are hundreds and hundreds of clips.

Anyway, after doing an extensive search I stumbled into your solution, and it worked straight away! Job done!

Thank you! You have saved me many hours of frustration and panic!


Editor / After Effects / Audio Design

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Blake Hodges
Re: How to link back R3D footage from proxy files?
on May 27, 2015 at 5:20:09 pm

Angelo you are a genius. This ended up being EXACTLY the trick I needed. Shame it's not more apparent in documentation for either app for how to go back to raw-camera ONLINE from OFFLINE proxies. So THANK YOU.

I might help clarify Angelo's workflow with just one note: in step 3, after you select your File>Import>TopLevelMediaFolder, REDCINE automatically then prompts you to import your XML file by popping up a new import window ---- at first I was confused and thought these would be separate steps, but REDCINE is smart enough to automatically open a new import window after your media comes in. Also: in step 5, i found selecting "Final Cut XML for Pr" worked best for me.

In case anyone else runs in to this, I WAS experiencing a bug that caused Premiere to crash every time I tried Angelo's workflow. I have now resolved that as well. Allow me to explain.

RUNNING: Premiere CC 2014
REDCINE-X Pro build 33.1

PROBLEM: Premiere would crash after I imported the new XML from REDCINE. I followed all of Angelo's steps to the T .
The issue, however, came once I imported the new XML into Premiere. I'd go File>Import and select my new XML from REDCINE. It would correctly import my XML as a folder (presumable containing clips and a sequence). However, when I would double-click the Folder (it defaulted to Icon View in the Project Panel), BAM!! Premiere would crash immediately. Tried this multiple times, same results. What gives?

SOLUTION: I found that, for whatever reason, trying to open the imported folder (via XML) when in Icon View is what caused the crash. As soon as I switched to LIST VIEW BEFORE selecting my folder in Icon View, I was able to use the carrot drop-down to see all my clips and sequence from the XML. I would immediately then copy those items out into the root level of the Project Panel as to avoid any issues with that buggy folder. Hope this helps anyone who runs into this. I'm guessing it's probably unique to this Premiere build so hopefully it resolves in the next update.

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Eric Santiago
Re: How to link back R3D footage from proxy files?
on May 28, 2015 at 12:39:38 pm

Warning tread hi-jack in order :)

Any of you using Merge with audio using R3Ds?

For some reason I can only get the TC to work and not all my clips have TC.

I had to use FCPX Sync option which worked with the R3Ds and tried the Xto7 route but currently that workflow is being investigated by Intelligent Assistance (plugin makers) tech support.
Doesnt seem to work at the moment with RED files.

Okay back to the original post...

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Shu Qi
Re: How to link back R3D footage from proxy files?
on Sep 15, 2017 at 9:01:43 pm

1. Create a new project in which you import all R3D files.
2. Attach proxies to those files
3. Import the project file which you edited with proxies. Once premiere ask you to relink, just click offline all.
4. Select all the files that are offline (which should be proxies) and attach proxies to all of them.
5. Then choose reconnect full resolution and navigate to the r3d files . Once you reconnect to one file, it should automatically reconnect all of them

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