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BSOD rendering HD - holy grail answer

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David Aldridge
BSOD rendering HD - holy grail answer
on Aug 1, 2012 at 3:09:58 am

Long time lurker - first time post -hope someone can help please.

I am here... at because I have already rebooted my PC and cleared my cache, something a little more complicated is going on... I bring a little snarky sarcasm with me if you can't tell.

my PC crashes suddenly and unexpectadly, only crashes when I render HDV. Render DV ok, HDV crash, usually within 2 to 10 minutes. I get a BSOD flash with no minidump, no event viewer findings, nothing. Media Encoder same results. I have Neat Video plug in... and when used it crashes in 2 to 10 minutes, without it the PC crashes in 10 to 15 minutes. thinking ram load? can't find and verify that.

to check drivers.... I know how to use Verifier.exe, I can read minidump files (don't always understand them), when I can get them. I have tested about everything I can test and verify and my drivers test solid. Event viewer is my best friend.

New 1000w Seasonic Platinum PS, my first solution attempt.
fresh reinstall of CS5.5 with updates
fresh driver updates.... all of them, including bios
Hard disk analysis clean Seagate 120g 510 SSD
my other 2 SSD hard drives currently off line
AIDA64 stability testing too many times to count, all good
Verifier.exe runs clean.... with one hint/clue, more later
done sfc scannow and windows update
uninstalled Zonealarm firewall completely for time being

TX68a+ biostar I7 2600 16 gig DDR3 ram
GTX 460 card, with hacked file.
windows 7 ultimate 64x
have clocked and unclocked and clocked again

what else?.... uh.... There was a time with ZoneAlarm installed when I would get a blue screen via verifier.exe indicating Fltmgr.sys was 'suspect' and minidump indicated vsdatant.sys as the source with some sort of time out related error verbiage... vsdatnt.sys is a Zonealarm driver. with ZA gone... no more Fltmgr.sys errors via Verifier.exe. but a clue perhaps? Fltmgr.sys is related to file structures and hard drives... but the SSD tests strong both via Seatools and AIDA64 stability testing.

The one thing that bugs me is a persistent user permission thing. constantly having to take ownership of files and folders even though I set user permissions to my administrator account, even after creating new admin accounts. Currently have UAC turned off.

Is there a codec package I can mess with.... or?

Overclock my GTX 460,

Dread... reinstall windows my only recourse?


I have considered posting with Adobe... but I fear the response will be fix everything else first, a typical scenario I see play out. The only time I crash is HDV and Adobe.... who best to know the secrets of premiere pro then the folks at I be thinking.

thanks in advance.

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David Aldridge
Re: BSOD rendering HD - holy grail answer
on Aug 2, 2012 at 5:45:58 am

EDIT, about 5 minutes later after I posted this... crash and burn, no BSOD, no minidump, no event veiwer clues.

changed my memory preference from 11g adobe 5g system to 13g adobe 3g system
changed start up option msconfig to start only MS programs
Took ownership (user permissions) of all Adobe folders
Took ownership of the Neat Video folder/files
took a different clip of media to preclude bad media
Left my memory preference set to performance
closed premiere and ran encoder solo
currently clocking my I7 2600 at 4hgz and 1.4vcore
running cuda and neat video

currently on a world record render... 55 minutes and counting.

CS5.5 web premium and premiere pro user
I7 2600 16g ram SSD GTX 460

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David Aldridge
Re: BSOD rendering HD - holy grail answer
on Jun 3, 2013 at 3:14:04 am

I ended up stripping my PC down to 1 SSD HD and successfully rendered and authored a Blu Ray MG4 that played on VLC. and I only had about 12 gig of space left to do all the encoding, caching and read write in.

I tried a million other things first and thought I was close when I took the pc off the net, unistalled Zonealarm, disabled windows firewall. I was able to render about 30 minutes max before freezing. I tried switching from my 2nd and 3rd SSD drives I use to read and write which had limited room 40 gig to my old school sata drives with 200 gig. all I could get was about 30 minutes then freeze.

I tried hacking everything... the problem all along is the event viewer showed nothing. no dump file - I had nothing to work with. What i did notice is once zonealarm was removed the encoding almost doubled or tripled in speed.

I have multiple USB external drives, and 4 internal SATA drives for storage.. these are all currently removed. I don't know what caused the freezing.. I wil start adding the 2 SSD drives back in... and leave it there if it works... report back later for those 100's of people following this thread.

I can't possibly tell you everything I tried... everything from codecs, to removing QT, stress testing, chasing after countless event viewer clues, file permissions, media cache management, considered dumping the GTX460 video card because it isn't officially recognized by Adobe... - I might not solve this if the 2 SSD go in OK because I am stopping there if it works. been working on this for a long time. want it to be over.

CS5.5 web premium and premiere pro user
I7 2600 16g ram SSD GTX 460

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