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colour management problem

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vivek reddy
colour management problem
on Sep 23, 2011 at 1:00:18 pm

Hi ,
I am not good in the color management process that happens ,I have been checking out blogs for to my problem ,and I did not really understand how to go about it .
Here is my problem :
I exported H.264 video output from premier ,With all good color correction ,it was looking great in the reference monitor , when I exported it and played back in windows media player ,it plays so dark ,as if all the color correction is messed up .And then I tried with VLC ,it played like that only "dark ".
And then went on with quick time ,it played just like in the reference monitor ,no issues at all ,also tried in a divx player , it played the same as in premier ,no issues at all .
Now why is this happening , how do I make windows media player and VLC play like in premier pro .
I tried to analyse if the problem is with my screen settings ,or is it with prepier export settings ,finally I feel its in windows media player .

My laptop has the following settings :
Sony VAIO - Windows 7
Intel core 2 duo - 4gb RAM
ATI Radeon 1 gb graphics card
Quick time V 7.7
Windows media player 11
Premier PRo CS5 -- Update 5.0.3

Thank you

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Angelo Lorenzo
Re: colour management problem
on Sep 23, 2011 at 8:38:04 pm

Starting with CS5, Adobe guaranteed 100% accurate YUV -> RGB conversions, so you shouldn't *technically* need a conversion box and reference monitor.

What you need to do:
1. For your video card's control panel, make sure all color adjustments and video adjustments are turned off or turned to "Let application decide". This will remove the possibility of it interfering by adding extra color and gamma processing.

2. You need to calibrate your monitor with a photographic calibration device like a Spyder or Huey. If your monitor isn't calibrated and has an applied calibrated ICC profile... you really can't trust anything you see as "color accurate"

3. Make sure Windows Media Player and VLC do not have any additional brightness or color adjustments turned on by default.


My system is color calibrated so I get the same look from WMP, VLC, Premiere Pro, and a reference playback monitor give or take 1%.

I suggest googling "quicktime gamma bug" as Quicktime is known to have some brightness issues cross-platform.

- Angelo Lorenzo
- http://FilmsFor.Us Helping you sell your film online

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Mark Gilvey
Re: colour management problem
on Dec 6, 2012 at 8:14:04 pm

I hope someone is still following this discussion. I'm having a similar problem. I've been told I need to use a color space of ITU-R BT.709. Through a color management in AE video on Adobe TV I found out that I can change the setup in AE which I did, changing it to HDTV Rec.709. But then I can also assign profiles to my assets as well. My assets in this case are still photos and layered PSD's that have Adobe RGB or sRGB profiles. Do I still need to FILE/INTERPRET/MAIN/COLORMANAGEMENT and select HDTV (REC.709)?

Also, when I placed my AE file into Premiere Pro (CS6) the images appear dark but in AE they look normal even after the profile change. What's up with that?

I know the Premiere doesn't have color management which brings up another question: If I had created this entire video in Premiere, how would I get it to this color profile?

NOTE: this video is being rendered to Apple ProRes 422(HQ) if that helps.

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