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CS5 audio sync issue.

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Paul Lewis
CS5 audio sync issue.
on Dec 7, 2010 at 10:21:38 pm

I recently imported footage from a shoot from my Sony HVR-V1U into Premiere Pro cs5 via Firewire. I placed it in the time line to edit, and the audio sync is WAY off. 1.12 seconds ahead of the video.

The file itself is fine, I've watched it in Windows Media Player and the audio is in sync.

I have tried re-importing the file with no luck.

The file and time line seem to have the same settings...

both are...

audio is 48khz stereo. Audio on video clip says compressed though.

the clip is just over 14 minutes long, the audio is at the end (last shot), and that is the only audio (no mic attached before that), so I am not sure if the whole thing is off or it progressively gets worse.

I have cleaned the media Cache.

I looked at the video and audio in the time line and the audio is physically off, the wave forms don't match the video. So its not a playback issue, Premiere actually thinks that's where the audio goes.

I know I can just line it up, but I shouldn't have to, there must be something I've got set up wrong or some other issue.

I have done all of my updates. I have had this issue once before but didn't have time to bother with it.

my system info if you need it

core i7 930 2.8ghz
9gb ddr3
1tb HDD
ATI 5770
Adobe Master collection CS5.

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Jon Barrie
Re: CS5 audio sync issue.
on Dec 8, 2010 at 12:01:43 am

HDV material can ingest rather poorly sometimes and lose a frame here and there and ruing the audio sync as that isn't affected only the vision.

It's a pain but you will have to just find the sync manually for this one I'm afraid.

I usually edit nasty media like this in a quite a creative way. I add it to a timeline called Master Sync, sync all the media I need and link them so when I select the video the audio is also selected. Now these clips can't be put into a folder in the project panel as linked video audio single subclips.

heres the trick:
Open a timeline to add the clips into (aka edit). Then grab the tab of the Master Sync timeline and move it up so it sits in its own panel space by itself above the other timeline panel. Now you should have two stacked timeline panels! amazing!

Here is an example of layout, not that this project is using this process.

Switching from looking at the top Master Sync timeline to find clips and set in out points then lift (; key) makes a hole, but means the lifted media are in the clipboard ready for pasting, or you can just work out cuts and copy the clip (leaving it in the timeline).

The program panel will auto switch to the current working timeline.

- Jon

Jon Barrie
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Paul Lewis
Re: CS5 audio sync issue.
on Dec 8, 2010 at 4:05:41 am

That's a great idea, I will be sure to use that one.

So I'm losing frames when I'm IN Premiere? Like when it "imports" the footage after it's been captured? I'm just making sure because the file that is imported into premiere (the MPEG it makes after I capture using Capture) Doesn't have any sync issues when played back outside of premiere. I didn't know if you caught that, I know I wrote a whole lot and didn't really spread it out too well.

One last question. Has anyone here used the 5D with audio on Premiere Pro? If so did you run into any Audio sync problems? the reason I ask is I plan on getting a 5D in the future and if that has issues with audio sync too I might as well get a H4n and record audio externally.

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Steve Brame
Re: CS5 audio sync issue.
on Dec 8, 2010 at 1:09:14 pm

Jon, what a timesaver! We've been doing the same thing for years but have always kept the 2 timelines tabbed, which can be a huge hassle switching back and forth. I had no idea that you could break out timelines and stack them like that!


Steve Brame
creative illusions Productions

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Richard van den Boogaard
Re: CS5 audio sync issue.
on Dec 9, 2010 at 1:35:47 pm

I totally second that. Thanks for that amazing tip!

Richard van den Boogaard
Freelance cameraman • Glidecam Operator • Editor • YouTube expert

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Mathias Moyo
Re: CS5 audio sync issue.
on Apr 16, 2012 at 6:57:02 am

I have actually switched to pinnacle studio 14 HD converted the file to AVI then took it to Premeiere pro cs5 and it worked.

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