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Editing scanned 35mm - is it now possible at home...?

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Karel Bata
Editing scanned 35mm - is it now possible at home...?
on Sep 7, 2008 at 2:31:53 pm

I've got a 35mm short that's been stuck in a post bottleneck for quite a while, and I'm wondering if maybe now I see a way forward that doesn't break the bank nor compromise quality.

Originally I'd wanted to end up with a 35mm print, but now I'm wondering if a high quality digital file is just as good.

There are 20 mins of rushes which need to be letter-boxed to 1.85:1 (so that's only 75% image area of an open gate). I want to telecine this material on to a hard drive at a friendly post house, take that home, edit it, and then end up with a video file I can take to festivals, screenings, or downscale for the net. So:

1) Assuming I digitise at 4k (even if I edit at 2k later) how big a drive will I need? I shot at 25fps to match our TV standard here in the UK. Should I use any kind of file compression?

2) Any recommendations on an external drive (I'm on a budget)? Ideally, after backing it all up, I'd use that as the editing source at home.

3) What kind of PC spec should I be looking to build? I've built several so I know what I'm doing. Any idea of the price?

4) Is it possible yet to edit at 4k? Or will Premiere allow me to use proxy files and then to render the project later? Are there file size limits within XP that present a problem? With a 12 minute film how long would such a render take?

5) There are a couple of transitions and effects - will After effects be able to handle them at this size?

6) What is a good final format to be aiming at for projection at a festival?

7) Am I just barking mad to consider this? A few years ago I would have been. But technology is going in such leaps and bounds...

8) No disrespect meant, but is there a better place to be asking this question? Useful links would be much appreciated.

I've numbered this so folk can post short sharp replies (like: "You're an idiot!").

Many thanks. Cheers!

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Karel Bata
Editing scanned 35mm - here's the trailer...
on Sep 7, 2008 at 2:37:45 pm

Oh, I forgot. Here's a wee preview:

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