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Is there a tool that will automatically re-create a previous edit based on audio waveforms and frame matching?

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Jeahn Laffitte
Is there a tool that will automatically re-create a previous edit based on audio waveforms and frame matching?
on Apr 24, 2019 at 7:02:19 pm

Hey guys!

So I have a very strange workflow that I'm dealing with and can't seem to find the solution I need.

I work with many online instructors who use ScreenFlow 8 to record and edit tutorials on their computers. They also record footage externally on a camera and then import that footage into ScreenFlow to create a rough edit.

Once their rough edit is complete, they transfer over the ScreenFlow project which contains all the imported footage and other assets as well as ScreenFlow's proprietary .scc files (for screen capture).

To finish the edit, I need to bring in all the footage into Premiere to do color correction, audio work and all the other goodies that ScreenFlow lacks.

The issue is ScreenFlow doesn't have any options to export XMLs or OMFs so there is no easy way to bring all the edits into Premiere. Screen captures recorded by ScreenFlow are contained in a proprietary file type with the .scc extension.

So what I do is, I export the entire rough edit out of ScreenFlow (these can be a couple of hours long) with all the elements so I have a base edit to work off of. Then, I'll solo the screen recorded tracks in ScreenFlow and export that footage as a high-quality H.264 to edit in Premiere (ProRes is too massive for this long of a format). This is the way I work around ScreenFlow's proprietary format. Just export it…

In Premiere, I'll bring in all the raw camera footage as well as the screen recording I export from ScreenFlow. I then drag the rough cut into the timeline and use it as a map to re-edit the entire video manually. Cut … by freakin' cut …

I tried using Pluraleyes to automatically sync the clips but I was unaware that it isn't optimized to sync long sequences as well as already edited footage. It's not designed to find the footage in your bins, match them up to the master rough edit, and re-create it.

So I have two questions.
1. Is there a plugin or program out there that can somehow match up the high-quality footage (from different takes and whatnot) and screen recordings based on audio and frame matching to the rough edit and build out the sequence automatically so I don't have to spend hours lining it all up perfectly by hand.

2. Has anyone created a system that can "hack" ScreenFlow to create XML data from the edit and convert the proprietary clips to something more usable?

Any advice on improving this workflow is very welcome. Sadly, OBS and other screen capture apps are not as stable with very long recordings and we like how simple ScreenFlow is for our instructors to use. I've considered using capture cards to get the screen recordings but that causes a whole new mess of workflow. I also tried replacing the camera footage within the ScreenFlow project files with color corrected versions to finish the edit in ScreenFlow but it didn't work at all and somehow continued to reference the old footage. Plus finishing in ScreenFlow is not ideal for future proofing. ScreenFlow is great for what it does! But it doesn't play well with others.


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