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Proxies, Merged Clips, and # of Audio Tracks

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Cyrus Dowlatshahi
Proxies, Merged Clips, and # of Audio Tracks
on Oct 17, 2018 at 5:31:21 pm

Hi all,

I'm an AE on a feature doc that's already shot a ton. Here's our workflow:

1. Sync full-res video to dual-system audio using Pluraleyes 3
2. Export an XML from Pluraleyes 3
3. Import XML into Premiere, get a synced sequence and the master comprising it
4. Create proxies
5. When proxies are done transcoding and attached, create Merged Clips
6. Hand off to lead editor who only has proxies

In some instances the merged clips link up to my editor's proxy-only system and work like a charm... but in others, inexplicably, they don't link up (or SOME of them don't link up). There *are* multiple camera types, and the sound recordists provide us with files that have differing # of tracks.

Then recently (while opening a PP project file full of merged clips on a system with only proxies attached), I got the message, "The selected file cannot be linked because it has 2 audio channel(s) and the clip was created with 0 audio channel(s) with a different channel type. What media, precisely, has to have matching audio tracks? When creating proxies are there proxy settings/preset settings I need to adjust? Or in my Premiere ---> Audio preferences, should I change my Default Audio Tracks settings from Mono to 'Use File' (for no reason other than it simplifies things in my mind I set it to convert all incoming media to mono audio)?

I know, I know... Merged Clips are a headache... but if anyone has experience with making Merged Clips out of proxy-attached media please do let me know! We are so close to getting our perfect workflow functioning, and have in some instances gotten it to work, I just can't figure out the exact do's and don'ts.


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