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Audio Desynchronization In Premiere

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Dan Sudkamp
Audio Desynchronization In Premiere
on Jun 21, 2018 at 2:57:38 pm

Hello, and thanks in advance for any assistance.

The company I work for recently purchased a Sennheiser AVX system for situations that call for a wireless mic. Before this purchase we were fully wired on every shoot in which we did in-house audio production. We use this wireless system in conjunction with a wired boom, and we run both signals into either our C200 or Zoom H4N system. We've very happy with the wireless mic during production but on the post end we are having some issues.

Basically, with the latency that comes with the wireless mic, we are having difficulty both syncing the audio and keeping it synced. Typically we'll use Pluraleyes to sync and because the signals are linked on the same source, they don't synchronize independently and so the latency remains after we do a Pluraleyes pass. To resolve this, I have been manually sliding the wireless mic track "X" number of audio time units to get both tracks in line. Up until this point in the process, we have no problems - it's an extra step we don't have to do when wired, but it works.

The problem arises whenever we move the tracks after doing that manual sync. Any time we try to move them on the timeline (together), they return to the state they were before the manual sync. I've tried linking them, grouping them, and still they return to the latency-induced slight desync every time we move them.

What I'm trying to determine is:

A) What can I do in Premiere (or in a different software) to make the synchronization permanent after I manually make that adjustment at the audio time unit level?


B) What can we do on the production end to limit the latency? Is there a better audio capturing system we can invest in? I know our Zoom H4N is pretty outdated.

Thanks for any help!

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James Barry
Re: Audio Desynchronization In Premiere
on Jul 5, 2018 at 3:01:43 pm

To be honest I think your issue is the Sennheiser AVX. We stopped using them in our studio and out in the field. The latency is such a headache. I get ease of use and setup is a huge selling point for people who don't want to be bothered with scanning channels and such, but to me it's totally not worth it. And IMO the audio quality from the capture isn't as good either. The Sennheiser G3 system is much better. The only time latency comes into play with the G3 is when batteries start to die.

Sorry I don't have much in the way of suggestions for post in so far as recommendations for hand syncing, to me that is an ok option but will still have some echoing if your'e mixing down both audio sources. Hard to hand sync audio in Premiere even with your sequence set to Audio Units instead of frames, just not what the software was made for IMO.

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Tom Fewchuk
Re: Audio Desynchronization In Premiere
on Jul 26, 2020 at 2:56:33 am

I know it's a couple of years late but I have the exact same issue with Premiere and the AVX system. So frustrating how it goes back to its reverted form after you manually sync it. It'd be the perfect wireless mic system if we could just properly sync it in premiere (or they could allow you to disable the encryption in the system).

I made a feature request on these forums that would be great if you could upvote so the Adobe guys can see it!

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