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MP4's Don't Work On XBOX 360 OR Bluray Player

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Jackie Luffy
MP4's Don't Work On XBOX 360 OR Bluray Player
on May 26, 2015 at 3:04:48 am

I desperately need some help on this, for days I have tried to figure out why these MP4 files don't work

They were MKV's 1080P, so usually what I do is use AVS Video Remaker or just simply put the MKV's through handbrake as MP4's so they can be played on my Bluray Player or through Xbox 360 on a dvd...

For the first time ever, this show just will not work, I have downloaded plenty of 1080P stuff before in mp4 or in MKV and every single time I convert it to shrink it with Handbrake or AVS to just change it to mp4 it ALWAYS works on 360...

So this just doesnt make sense, I went back and re-downloaded 3 completely different rips of that same show I was having trouble with and still its the same problem.

Basically you are suppose to see the thumbnail on a MP4 file when it is on your computer, these did not, even when I used AVS or through handbrake, also when right clicking on them and going to properties only the frame size were there, the frame rate was not, the weird thing is AVS picked it up as it being 30 frames when I know for a fact that it was 23.97 frames.

When putting these on the 360 it just gave me an error code

So I downloaded another persons rip of the same show, this time things looked better, after converting the MKV's you could actually see the thumbnail this time and all the file details were there.

Put them on my 360 and sure enough more problems, the sound plays but the screen is just black, this problem also I have never encountered.

I figured that the 360 just sucks with playing stuff so I put it on my bluray and sure enough it said "cannot read file type"

So I got another different upload of the same show and this time it was the same you could see the thumbnail and all, but if the MKV's were converted through HANDBRAKE I ended up getting sound but no video on the Xbox..

BUT when the MKV's were put through AVS to make them MP4's THEY WORKED on the XBOX!

But I still am stuck because the whole reason I wanted to put them through Handbrake was to shrink them, they are just way to big in size, about 1.9 gigs per episode..

I know the problem is somehow using handbrake but it just doesnt make sense, litterally every single video I have ever compressed to make smaller in handbrake has ALWAYS worked on the 360

I need to have these files converted to MP4 and to be able to shrink them and according to the internet I cannot seem to do that with the best available software....

From my findings, I would say it is the shows fault... But what are the chances that all of the different rips people have uploaded ALL have the same finky problems!? Somebody please help me make sense of all of this its driving me crazy!

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Volker Bradley
Re: MP4's Don't Work On XBOX 360 OR Bluray Player
on May 26, 2015 at 1:00:53 pm

Since things worked perfectly in the past, take one of your old mkv files and convert it to mp4 again as you have done in the past. Then play the mp4 file. If it plays then you can assume that handbrake and ffmpeg are not the problem. Let us know what happened.

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Jim Sustacek
Re: MP4's Don't Work On XBOX 360 OR Bluray Player
on May 26, 2015 at 4:00:22 pm

Probably want to post the FFMPEG info for a working file and then a non-working file. Just run "ffmpeg -i " and the file path, without any output options, and it should list what it sees as the input file (streams, format, profiles, etc.). Also post the full FFMPEG commands you have tried so we can see what options you are using or not using.

I suspect that the various rips you download probably have the same source, and if that source has some profile or feature that doesn't work right on the Xbox, it could persist using the default settings of various transcoding programs.

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