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x-mirror glitch

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James Robertsx-mirror glitch
by on Aug 29, 2011 at 4:07:53 pm

I've got a mesh object that's not working correctly with the x-axis/topology mirror on. Other objects in the same file are fine, but the head can't be mirror edited because as soon as a vertex is moved on the right side, the left side jumps over to the same point along the x axis. It follows up and down, but it needs to match the side to side mirror. When I select the entire head in edit mode and try to move it, the entire left half jumps over to the right. Whatever has associated itself with the orientation won't let go no matter what I do. I even deleted the whole left side, duplicated the right, flipped it, and stitched the halves together across the entire seam, and the new half behaves the exact same way!

Any attempts to just delete half and add a new mirror result in both halves in the same space instead of properly mirrored, and when changing the mirror modifier's axis, they start turning at angles.

I had joined other objects (teeth and tongue) with it that may not have been perfectly mirrored, but removed them before cutting the head in half and joining the duplicated halves.

What bizarre gravity has taken hold over this mesh, and how can I regain control over it?

This object was created with a mirror modifier, so I can't tell what I did to shift it's center.

I'll keep trying, but I still can't see any settings that help. Frustrating.

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James RobertsRe: x-mirror glitch
by on Aug 29, 2011 at 4:39:47 pm

Okay, don't bother. I think I got it. It can really get stuck in that zone until you work out what's affecting it. Maybe this thread will at least help someone else having a similar screw up they can't unravel.

At least I finally got it oriented so a new mirror modifier worked properly. I had to do a clear rotation in object mode then turn it back into place in edit mode. I wouldn't mind a simpler way to reset those positions, and make it forget it's' previous rotations and just assume the position it's placed in.

Oh well, I've lost enough time fighting with all that, maybe I should get back to moving forward again with it.

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