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Blender Render: Black Screen

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Isaac NegaardBlender Render: Black Screen
by on Jun 14, 2011 at 5:42:40 am

i set up a scene in blender. Whenever I hit render animation or whenever i hit render image it is just a big black screen.

I have been searching for over an hour for the solution but I haven't found anything that's why I am posting a new thread.

i'm using the 2.57 version on a Mac.

I have made sure there's a light pointing at my scene and that the camera is set up properly pointing in the right direction and also that everything is on the same layer.

Here's what I think may be wrong: I am making the scene that has some cubes falling and bouncing off a chair. I set this up using the game engine. I am going to put it into some live action footage so i brought a frame in as the bg and set up some walls so the cubes bounce off them and look as if they are bouncing off the stuff in the footage. The problem was you could see the walls. So since I'm a beginner and just really started today with actually making something I had to work around problems every step of the way because I modeled rubik's cubes and then copy pasted it so there's a bunch of them. anyway when i was trying to make them transparent i messed around with a lot of the setting. i was trying to create a texture that would make it invisible but changing the opacity in the z transformation or whatever tab of the texture wasn't working. eventually i found out you could hit the h key. so i pressed h and both of my walls were hidden and everything was good. but then it wouldn't render.

sorry that was long but the reason i say that is because at first the render would only show one wall that i had hidden earlier and i was confused. i messed with some stuff to try to fix it and now only get a black screen.

Very frustrated because I like the scene and it looks great. I did the recording in the game engine and recorded the actions then went into blender render and changed the settings to AVI file (quicktime didn't work either) and the file path and such and it won't render a picture or a movie.

Lemme know if you need more info though I tried to include everything.

Thanks, yo.

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