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Digital recorder for DSLR workflow

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Kira Hammond
Digital recorder for DSLR workflow
on Nov 20, 2015 at 7:40:47 pm

Hi folks,
Looking for an off-board digital video recorder that can handle up to 4k, and at least 1080p RAW. Currently in 1080p DSLR land but we're heading towards 4k in the near term so want some future proofing. Wondering if anyone tested these out, and what you found out and then decided to buy?

1) Atmos Shogun
2) AJA KiPro Quad
3) Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q

Looking for advice on:

-- Usability experience! I want to know how these hang in the real world, durability, ease of use. If these drop frames, glitch, become a headache for data dumps.

-- Any gotchas with RAW recording, a big plus is using these for chromakey work so we don't get stuck with the proprietary compression on the camera.

-- Proxy workflow, wing and a prayer that one of these can do 4k plus a proxy on the fly? Now that would be sweet.

-- Big differentiating factors to consider. A few I can see are touchscreen or not (is that touchscreen reliable after years of use?) Proprietary media or generic SSD? Timecode, we actually don't need it anymore (hallelujah praise the video gods) but yeah they seem to differ on if they offer timecode lock to the camera. Bells and whistles that I'm not sure I'll ever use.

I have zip experience using the current line of 4k direct to disc recorders. Have a ton of experience with the first 2 generations of the AJA KiPro (prone to overheating but super solid otherwise, easy to use, reliable as long as you watch the overheating and I'm talking about like 10+ hours of non stop use before overheating). Also the Firestore which I would not wish on my worst enemy (flakey as all heck, connections janky, dropped frames up the wazoo).

So yup let me have it, the good the bad the ugly.

If I just use tech specs, features, and price I'd probably rank as I listed above:

1) Atmos Shogun $2,000.00 USD
Honestly it's really just price I'm going on here, feature set seems comparable to other two.

2) AJA KiPro Quad $3,000.00 USD
As a company AJA is solid (excellent quality control and customer service). Alas no monitor though, hence the notch off from top place. You're locked into the KiPro media which while reliable is also expensive.

3) Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q $2,300.00 USD
I just don't know this company at all. That makes me nervous. Reviews are hot or cold, either all smiles or nothing but problems. Makes me wonder if they have poor quality control. What say you Cow citizens?

Thanks for the advice!


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Jason Jenkins
Re: Digital recorder for DSLR workflow
on Nov 23, 2015 at 5:37:49 am

Hi, Kira:

Do you need SDI input or will HDMI do the trick? I've used the Atomos Ninja Assassin with my GH4 and it's a very sweet combination.

Jason Jenkins
Flowmotion Media
Video production... with style!

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