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Backup and Worker node issue - Clip ID errors?

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Ryan Kay
Backup and Worker node issue - Clip ID errors?
on Aug 14, 2014 at 7:38:52 pm

Hi everyone,
Long time listener, first time caller.

I'm in an IT role supporting CatDV.
We backup/archive to ADA via a Worker Node.
We're having an issue where our archivist sends a command to Backup to ADA, but Worker Node does not even pick up the file.

So there's no status change – no fail, no success... it just goes into the ether.

Some clips however, do make it there, successfully.
Files are stored one of several Facilis volumes.
I've been noticing that certain volumes tend to be fine, while clips from other volumes "fail" (disappear).

So I scoured my error logs just after I sent a clip that didn't work.
What I'm noticing in the logs are things like:
- "New file id" for the file
- "reusing existing file id" (referring to the "new" ID)
- " *wrong clip"

I'm wondering if somehow the clip id's on the volume it's stored on somehow changed, or became corrupted?
If so, is there a way to clean up the clip ID database?

CatDV client 10.0.8
Worker Node

Thanks, I hope this is relatively clear. Happy to provide more details if anyone might have some insight.

-Ryan K

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bryson jones
Re: Backup and Worker node issue - Clip ID errors?
on Aug 14, 2014 at 10:47:50 pm

Hey squarebox support guys, can we get Robin in on this one with us?

Ryan, one thing to check, especially if it's behaving differently on different volumes on the Facilis, is to see if the "Process online files only" is set in the "Parameters" tab in the worker action.

If it is, un-check it and see if these actions run but then fail. If they aren't running, the Worker may not see those files as "online" or available to it. That might point to a Facilis refresh issue or even simpler, a path mapping issue between a Mac client and a PC server/worker. (That's super common in mixed environments.)

I'm not really thinking this will fix anything but we can at least see if it's storage related or a system config issue and thus not as much as a CatDV thing but a CatDV/storage interaction/mis-config.

Note that for every volume that is created on that SAN, you need to set up the proper path mappings in the CatDV settings and each and every Worker Node action. (This is a big one and very hard to get right on the first try.)

Also, if you could post up some system info, (nothing crazy detailed) but are the ADA and Worker running on the same box or separately and what are the OS's for that/those boxes? Fibre mounted Facilis or Ethernet?


bryson "at"

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