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Browse Catalog Screen, Layout Prefs and Description Request

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Geof Gilland
Browse Catalog Screen, Layout Prefs and Description Request
on Jun 28, 2012 at 6:12:47 pm

CatDVPro, 9.06; single-user

I know this is probably only good for one user, ME, but I'll go ahead and ask.

In the Browse Catalogs screen, can the layout preferences be saved? Each time it is opened, it goes back to its default layout.

Also, can the Description category be multi-line, rather than single line. Single line requires the dialogue box to be pulled out length wise to read the whole Description. Letting that be 2/3 lines would be perfect!

Thanks, geof.

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Lily Duckler
Re: Browse Catalog Screen, Layout Prefs and Description Request
on Jun 28, 2012 at 8:43:50 pm

Hm.. Interesting question- looking forward to the answer.
I have a feeling what I wrote below does not actually address your second question as I assumed on first read. Below concerns how to create a multiline field on details panels, but you're asking about the "Description" for the catalogs themselves, right? So far, this hasn't been an editable view for me, but I also haven't looked into it very deeply.


Go to Preferences (CMND/Ctrl+,).
Customize Details Panel
Choose the panel that contains your "Notes" field, and select "Edit Panel."
Since "Description" is already on your panel, find it on the right-hand column. Select "Description" (it'll be highlighted blue)

Now, look at the bottom of the Customise Detail Panel. You will see an area called "Options" and three check boxes:
[ ] Span two columns
[ ] Suppress if Blank
[ ] Multiline

Make sure Multiline is chosen, and voila! No more scrolling right forever.
If it's not already chosen, you'll probably also want to choose "Span two columns."

You can choose this for any user-created field, not just the default provided "Notes" field. I find it most useful for any field meant for free-typing.

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Geof Gilland
Re: Browse Catalog Screen, Layout Prefs and Description Request
on Jun 29, 2012 at 12:33:28 am

You are correct. I am looking for customization of the Browse Catalogs window....both questions apply to that. I understand that I can customize the Summary, Log Notes, etc. in a catalog view.

I want to the Browse Catalogs window to default to the last settings (for instance, I stretch it out wide, move/rearrange the headers.) Second, I stretch out the Browse Catalogs window and stretch out DESCRIPTION as wide as I can...which wastes space. Therefore, I want it to be multiline....

Thanks for your help, geof.

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bryson jones
Re: Browse Catalog Screen, Layout Prefs and Description Request
on Jun 29, 2012 at 3:49:59 pm


This points to one of the biggest distinctions between Server and Stand-alone systems.

Catalogs mean much less when you are working in Server, whereas in Stand-alone, they are everything.

If it were to be made multi-line I am worried that it would drive people crazy who have 10,000 catalogs (and up) since your scrolls and window layout would make the view huge and maybe unwieldy.

I can't speak for the Dev team but I'd bet they'd say that metadata is for clips, not catalogs.

Remember, in a Server, a "catalog" is just another metadata field, like a keyword for those clips. And "where" a clip is can be fluid, thereby leaving any Catalog metadata behind when the clip moves.

As to the views, so much is dependent on Java. That's one of the toughest things about working with CatDV. Java allows us all to have cross platform apps, but so much in those apps is out of the programmer's control. (Damn you Larry Ellison!!) But let's see what the crew in the UK say.


bryson "at"

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Rolf Howarth
Re: Browse Catalog Screen, Layout Prefs and Description Request
on Jul 2, 2012 at 10:17:53 pm

The Browse Catalogs window gives you basic searching across catalog files in the same directory, but for more advanced functionality you would need the CatDV Server. Bryson is correct and most server users tend to put metadata at the clip level (or perhaps into the event description, if they want to tag several clips as belonging together) rather than catalogs so I'm afraid we're unlikely to make that window configurable in the way you suggest.

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