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Frame jumping during fusion render

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Oli Andelain
Frame jumping during fusion render
on Jul 13, 2020 at 9:33:58 pm

I've been posting about a fusion frame rendering (caching?) problem which causes I think skipped frames, and have been able to track down a simple series of steps to recreate the issue. This is using Fusion embedded into Resolve 16.2.3 although I've seen the same with earlier builds.

I'd appreciate it if people can have a go at this, see if they get the same, and if you have any suggests how to get rid of it!

* Create new project
* Go to Edit tab
* Go to Effects Library
* Choose Text+ (the Fusion based text box)
* Drag onto time line
* Click on the Text+
* Go to Inspector
* Inspector 'Fusion' tab, 'Layout' icon
* Right-click on 'Center'
* Choose 'Expression'
* In the box that appears, enter 'Point(comp.CurrentTime/100, 0.5)'
* Click on the beginning of the Text+ box in the time line
* Play
* The 'Title' will move across the screen but occasionally jump
* Go back and play again
* It will move and jump in exactly the same place, every time it's played
* You can use left/right buttons to track down the frames in which it jumps - the X/Y values are correct but the location of the text is wrong (eg doesn't move when the X value moves)
* Go back to the expression entered next to the 'Center' box
* Put some spaces at the beginning of the expression before 'Point'
* Play the Text+ again
* The 'Title' will move and jump but now will jump at different points
* Each time you edit the expression, the jumps move
* These jumps are present even if you 'deliver' the film to mp4 etc

I also tried going to the fusion tab, then editing the expression and replaying. I found it was generally better through fusion tab than through edit tab, but not 100% and this is a simplification of a more complex project which shows the same issue regardless of where the expression is edited. When it fails in the fusion tab, you can see the cross-hairs moving when the title text behind them doesn't on the jump frames.

I think this is related to caching - it gets the wrong rendering stuck in the cache until you edit the definition - but I can't find any way to disable caching, and that would only fix half the problem.

I've watched the console and don't see any rendering errors listed there during any of the above process.

Any ideas?

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