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Mixed Resolutions FCP7 Round Trip

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Max Callahan
Mixed Resolutions FCP7 Round Trip
on Jul 10, 2014 at 5:34:40 pm

I have a FCP 7 project file that contains mixed resolutions 1920x1080 and 1280x720 with PTZR changes to a variety of clips in FCP. I have not done any PTZR in Resolve.

My problem: When I roundtrip, I can’t keep the FCP settings editable and with the same PTZR. I've tried a variety of settings and I have found the following method to make it look correct in FCP, however the PTZR info done in FCP is baked in to the clips from Resolve, meaning I can no longer adjust the clip’s PTZR in FCP.

In DaVinci Resolve
- Project Settings > Image Scaling > I have selected 'center crop with no resizing' for input and output
- When importing the XML into DaVinci Resolve I check ‘Use Sizing Info’ so I can see the framing I'm working with.
- When I render out, I leave Disable Edit and Input sizing unchecked

Again, when I roundtrip back to FCP the clips look as they should but the zoom information is not there.

I tried the same settings as above but checked Disable Edit and Input sizing on the Deliver page. The clips look right in terms of zoom, and I can edit the PTZR settings editable in FCP (wohoo!), however they are not aligned properly with pan / tilt. I’m guessing that this is because of the project settings ‘center crop with no resizing'? Is there a way to have no resizing but not center? With any other settings (in the Project Settings or Disable edit and input sizing on or off, when going back to FCP the smaller resolution files have a completely different zoom, I believe based on the mixed frame size. The last option I tried was when importing the xml from Resolve back into FCP is to uncheck Include Audio/Video Effect, but I’m unsure as to what else this might impact /change. I’m definitely not an editor and don’t want to inadvertently mess up the project.

I’m hoping someone has some insight, the testing has been non-stop and I’m left feeling a little crazy…


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