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Rec 709 viewing for DCP

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Ernest Savage
Rec 709 viewing for DCP
on Feb 22, 2014 at 9:14:13 pm


After reading a 100 or so blog posts, I think I have this answered, but I have a few questions.


Shot Arri Alexa ProRes 4444 2k – ingest into Resolve – grade – output to Bluray DVD/web for festivals screeners and finally to DCP for digital projection at film festivals.

System config:

Resolve 10.1 – Decklink Extreme – HD-SDI via BNC cable – Panasonic BT-LH 2600W.

The process I should follow?:

I understand the difference between Rec709 video levels 64-940, and full range data levels 0-1023. From what I’ve read in the blogs, If I’m viewing through my HD broadcast monitor (the BTLH), then I need to set resolve to Rec 709 video levels 64-940). After grading, the DCP house says I should render out full range TIFFs (since they are 16 bit and DPX is lower, 12 bit, or 10 bit). The DCP house will then convert my blacks from 64 to 0 and my whites from 940 to 1023. The DCP house says they should able to match my look within a 4% margin of error.

My questions:

When I set Resolve to Rec709 FULL RANGE, instead of VIDEO LEVELS, I see the darker blacks, in my BTLH. What am I seeing? The image seems to represent more accurately what I’m seeing in my internal resolve scope. In other words, when I bring my blacks close to 0, and Resolve is set to rec709 full range, the image in my BTLH looks like the blacks are close to 0. When I set to video levels, my image looks washed out compared to what my internal scopes are representing. I know Resolve always works in 0-1023, but what am I seeing in the monitor? Can the BTLH represent 0-1023? I’m pretty sure not, but hoping some how it does.

Should I just work in Rec 709 video levels, use external scopes, and let DCP house adjust my blacks and whites? How will chroma be affected?

Thanks, you folks are a wealth of knowledge.

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Margus Voll
Re: Rec 709 viewing for DCP
on Feb 23, 2014 at 8:35:57 am


Levels should not affect your colours.

Ask your DCP house for exact input they accept and tell that you have video level output.
In theory they should be able to convert it super accurately like 1%

Make some testes.

We do i here all the time but details may wary.



DaVinci 10, OSX 10.8.5
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GUI 4000 / GPU GTX 780
Eizo Color
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Bill Ravens
Re: Rec 709 viewing for DCP
on Feb 24, 2014 at 3:48:57 pm

It's worthwhile to note that the colors that are shown in the monitor window are not accurate. So, unless you've calibrated your monitors with the color management software provided by resolve 10.1, you can't trust what you're looking at. The closest truth monitor you can have is an external monitor that's been calibrated for Rec709.

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