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Importing EDL and MXL

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Jim LongImporting EDL and MXL
by on Dec 13, 2011 at 3:45:19 am

Dear Helpful People,
I am working hard to learn DaVinci Resolve Lite. The folks at Black Magic are very generous; the video tutorial they provide is very good, but it only deals with a single clip. My problem is that I cannot figure out how to divide a sequence into individual clips so the individual shots have their own unique color grade. I follow the instructions in the Manual (to the best of my ability) and cannot get the sequence to be governed by the EDL nor can I get the MXL to load. I think the problem is I am doing something wrong in the import of the EDL and MXL. On my hard drive I have created folders for the EDL , MXL and a MOV. In Final Cut Pro (7) I created a six shot sequence in the timeline to practice with. I have exported the MXL, EDL and MOV sequence to their respective folders and I see them in the browser. When I create a new project in Resolve Lite I can load in the MOV file it is there as a Master and a second timeline. I can grade the sequence as a single clip, but the Folders for the MXL and the EDL are empty (and this is what I see as my problem.) So I cannot divide the sequence into its component clips. (As if it is not obvious) I am new to this and I appreciate any and all the help I can get –as simple as you can make it.
Thank you,

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Danny ScottingRe: Importing EDL and MXL
by on Dec 13, 2011 at 4:14:42 am

Your edl/xml will only work with matching t/c and/or reel number.

If there is matching t/c what you need to do is split and add in the browse page to cut it up correctly from a single file. Or scene detect and disregard the edl/xml if there is no associated t/c or reel info.

Danny Scotting - Senior Colourist
Post Op Group Sydney

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Jim LongRe: Importing EDL and MXL
by on Dec 13, 2011 at 5:13:52 am

Thanks Danny,
I just learned about the Scene Cut Detector, but (now I'm really showing my ignorance) when you export a sequence form FCP using the EDL how would the time code change? Or are we talking about the clips time code out of the camera?
I am an old dog trying to learn new tricks.

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Mike MostRe: Importing EDL and MXL
by on Dec 13, 2011 at 5:17:02 am

You need to load the source clip into the Media Pool, set the starting time code to match the EDL, then go to the Conform page and select Preconform. Point to your EDL and it should do what you want.

This is all explained in the user's manual.

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