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Shazam! spoilers are in trailer

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Chris Wright
Shazam! spoilers are in trailer
on Apr 9, 2019 at 12:46:07 am

Greetings fellow cow'ans. I just watched Shazam and then started writing it as Shazzam. Anyway, who says 'shaezame'?
Now don't get me wrong, it made me laugh in a few places, but it was like playing tic-tac-toe. Every other scene was either a 'x' funny, humorous gag, and then the 'o' would come next, like o my... gag inducing lazy writing.

Some writing felt like afternoon TV Nickelodeon. Now, according to rotten tomatoes(the king of all things correct), its got like a 90% rating both fresh and audience adore, but does this mean that fresh is Nickelodeon? Should we bring back dropping the green ooze pails? Predicable, and often pre-adolescent, it tried to pander to both the 11-13 crowd and the 18-36, making the older group feel a little embarrassed, like we were only taking our kids to see it, right? right?!?

Anyway, Strong hammed up enough to raise stakes to a DC level(you'd get this once you watch it) So, strap yourselves in, and don't eat too much candy while watching it, or you'll have to take your kids to the dentist again.

cheese factor 9/10
lazy writing 8/10
fun factor 5/10
cringe inducing 10/10

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Mark Suszko
Re: Shazam! spoilers are in trailer
on Apr 9, 2019 at 2:02:16 pm

DC decided to try something that wasn't grimdark for a change. The audience seems ready for that. Eager, even. This movie is marketed like a reboot of 'Big", in a comic book milieu. Which is funny because there's currently a distaff remake of "Big" in theaters now.

But this does NOT mean anybody should be greenlighting a live action "SuperFriends".

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Scott Roberts
Re: Shazam! spoilers are in trailer
on Apr 11, 2019 at 3:02:21 pm
Last Edited By Scott Roberts on Apr 11, 2019 at 3:05:57 pm

My wife and I saw this last night... And while I agree with you, Chris, that it was pretty cheesy and at times felt borderline like kids' television, to be fair to the film, it was a PG-13 movie about a 15-year-old superhero, and I don't think it was ever marketed in the same way as like Batman would be marketed. When we left the theater, my wife and I were both like, "Yeah, that was fun... but it was definitely a movie for the younger crowd. " I probably would have greatly enjoyed this movie if I saw it when I was 13. I think it did about the same level of pandering to the adult audience that like a Pixar movie would try to do, so I don't really hold that against it. It was cute, I guess. Cute is probably the best word to attempt to describe this movie.

If you want to see basically the exact same premise, but better, and R-rated, and completely geared toward adults; then watch 2010's Kick-Ass. Hey, Mark Strong was also the bad guy in that one! Shazam felt like Kick-Ass Lite, but without Hit-Girl. So, again, not as good as Kick-Ass.

I guess I have to spoil some parts to talk anymore about this movie.


The thing about this movie that made me think it was most lame was how generic certain elements were. Like how they basically dipped into the public domain for the bad guys (the seven deadly sins? really?) and Hercules, Zeus, Apollo, etc. for his powers. That was pretty stupid. Without looking it up, I'm guessing the comic book this is based on is really old to be that unimaginative.

And then the movie definitely takes a bad turn once the other foster children become superheroes, too. The best part about this movie is Billy discovering his powers and trying to decide what really makes him who he is. Once they formed a team, it 100% turned into a Nickelodeon show. If they make a sequel (which I assume they will since it did good at the box office), I would be pretty hesitant to check it out based on the end of this movie. If it's two hours of the 9-to-17-year old wisecracking super-people, then that's just borderline Power Rangers territory. Pass.


But Shazam, though, it's fine. It's entertaining and cute and stupid and unoriginal all at the same time. You could probably just rent it one day, and that would be good enough for most people.

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