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Illustrator Novice Question - How to change the color of a graphic easily?

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David Donald
Illustrator Novice Question - How to change the color of a graphic easily?
on Feb 10, 2018 at 9:40:52 am

I have a graphic that is created by many shapes and elements. Two colors compose this graphic: red and white. The shapes are composed in two colors red and white in fill and stroke. Some shapes have a red stroke and a white fill. Others have a red fill and a white stroke.
I want to know how I can in one step, or in few steps can change the color of this image so that the red parts of it would become white and that the white parts of it would become transparent, so that I would be able to take this graphic, move it onto a background of any color and have it displayed in white.
I could individually select each object in the layers panel and individually change the colors of the fill and stroke but that takes an extremely long time and is an arduous job because there are so many objects (shapes) to this image! I can make an accident! Therefore I want to know how I can do this in the shortest amount of steps with the least possible room for error. Also, while looking through the elements in the layers panel that compose this graphic, most objects (called ) usually are seen in the image itself. However, I noticed that there are some objects that are not seen in the image that exist in the layers panel! These elements have an awkward color scheme as well; in an image of red and white, they have a fill and stroke color scheme of black and gold and they are nowhere to be seen! When the object is selected in the layers panel usually a golden path is just shown on top of the image. What exactly are these objects? Since they do not have a visible presence in the image itself, do I have to change the fill and stroke of these objects as well?
Also another strange occurrence is that for a shape I found in layers, it is seen with a red and white stroke and fill; however in the layers panel the object is indicated to have a blue fill and transparent stroke! Why is this so?
Thank you all for your help.

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Tom Van Damme
Re: Illustrator Novice Question - How to change the color of a graphic easily?
on Feb 15, 2018 at 8:25:04 am

Hi David,

did you try "Edit colours" under the Edit menu?
You need to select something first and then go to Edit > Edit colors… > Recolor Artwork…

Selecting only the reds should work with selecting one red element first, and then go the Select > Same >Fill & Stroke (or Fill color, what suits your selection best).

Hope this works out for you,


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