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making .jpegs look their best when output to video

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making .jpegs look their best when output to video
on Apr 19, 2007 at 12:47:40 am

I know that interlacing a .jpeg makes it look better when exported to video or an editing system like Avide. But does anyone know anything else that should be done to them in Photoshop? Thanks.

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Re: making .jpegs look their best when output to video
on Apr 20, 2007 at 12:55:51 pm

Interlacing a still is impossible..interlacing is something that happens to video - if you take a still shot from a video sequence and it is interlaced, you will probably see lines in the still.. this is the combinaiton of the 2 fields that make up that frame. de-interlacing a captured still in Photoshop can sometime fix this, but not always.

If your still has NOT been created via video (ie: it is a still photograph, a scan, or something you've created from scratch in PS/Illustrator or whatever then you dson't need to worry about interlacing.

Stuff to look out for though:-

- Make sure it is in the correct colour space, size and aspect ratio for the intended video type it is going to (Photoshop CS1/2 have presets for this when you create a new document)

- Make sure any type is more than 17 pixels high (measure the height of a lower case 'x') if your video is to be broadcast and it is legal type.

- Keep your colours/luminance values between 16-235 for NTSC broadcast, or 0-255 for PAL.

- Make sure you don't have any very thin horizontal lines or fine type, as these will 'dance' on a TV screen and look really ugly.

- Adhere to the title and action safe guides in your photoshop document, as a varying percentage of the outer frame will be cut off on TV screens. If your video is for UK broadcast you must use a tighter title safe to protect blow up of the picture to 14:9. Search the BBC website for info on this.

- Your best bet if you're creating graphics for TV alot is to get something like a Blackmagic Decklink card and then you can monitor your output on a TV or a boradcast grade monitor if you have access to one. you hit a hotkey in Photoshop and your output pops up on your TV/monitor. A cheap way of doing this is via firewire in Photoshop CS2, but you'll need a TV with a firewire input of get a converter.

PHEW! Hope some of that was useful.


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