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Illustrator - Pixel Aspect Ratio?

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DAFsr 1
Illustrator - Pixel Aspect Ratio?
on Feb 27, 2007 at 6:35:46 pm

Is there a Pixel Aspect Ratio setting in Illustrator?

Some one is providing files to me from Illustrator for a DVD. I do not have Illustrator, just Photoshop. If I take the EPS file they provide and extract it in Photoshop, the pixels are square. If I then change the pixel aspect ratio to .9 for my DVD, it changes the proper dimensions of the elements.

What is the best route to DVD from something that was creating in Illustrator. What settings should the Illustrator files be. I asked them to look for pixel aspect ratio, but they said it doesn't exist in Illustrator because it is a vector based program.

Any help or a possible solution would be great. Thanks, David

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Richard Harrington
Re: Illustrator - Pixel Aspect Ratio?
on Feb 28, 2007 at 4:22:15 am

Not currently

Richard M. Harrington, PMP

Author: Photoshop for Video, Understanding Adobe Photoshop, and ATS:iWork

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Rhett Robinson
Re: Illustrator - Pixel Aspect Ratio?
on Feb 28, 2007 at 2:44:03 pm

Hi David,
Not sure what you are putting the DVD together in, but I use a 720X540 RGB template in illustrator, with crops on (personal preference) to import into AE. If I'm working in a 720X480 comp, AE automatically squashes it to work, but looks correct in the final project, and tell him to stay away from 1 pixel (or smaller) lines. FCP should recognize with no problem - good luck!

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Kevin McKeever
Re: Illustrator - Pixel Aspect Ratio?
on Sep 16, 2012 at 4:40:21 pm

I'm replying to this old thread because this still is an issue for me in various ways when trying to make a DVD Studio Pro menu based on an existing square pixel graphic (e.g. a company's logo).

I've had success using 2 methods, though I confess I don't fully understand why.

1. I'll create a new Photoshop file and set the "Preset" to "Film and Video" and size to "NTSC DV" or "NTSC DV Widescreen." I'll then usually change the pixel aspect ratio of the existing graphic to match, then copy and paste it into the new Photoshop file and finish by adding whatever additional elements are needed.

2. Sometimes the first method still doesn't give me smooth lines/curves once it's inside DVD Studio Pro. So if the initial logo is an Illustrator file, I'll open it in Illustrator (a program I don't know at all), simply select all and change the width to .9 of its current width. I'll then save it as an .eps, bring it into Photoshop and finish up with method #1, and it ends up being smooth inside DVD Studio Pro. What's confusing is that even though I'm changing it in Illustrator to .9 and then changing it in Photoshop to 1.2 for widescreen, it ends up perfectly smooth and proportional in DVD Studio Pro.

It's obviously much easier if you can simply create everything from scratch in Photoshop using the Film and Video preset. Unfortunately it's when we have to incorporate existing square pixel graphics that things can get very complicated.

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