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CS4 not updating changes

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Adriano Moraes
CS4 not updating changes
on Sep 9, 2009 at 7:11:52 pm

Hi there. As this seem to be a simple question I'll post it here on the basics.

I just upgraded my main machine and my software. Now I´m on vista 64, 8GB of RAM and photoshop CS4 64 (master collection).

Everything seems to be ok but one thing. (a damn annoying thing) Everytime I write something with the text tool or apply some correction nothing happens. I have to minimize PS or hit F and then it updates.

The weird thing is it was not happening on my PS installed on my laptop.(wich is way less powerfull)

I tryed disableing OpenGL since I´m an AE guy and that is a pain in there. Nothing happened.

So I kindly ask: Does anyone out there can show me something that would possibly set things back to normal?

Also, I´m running with all the latest updates.

Hope I made myself clear enough.

Big thanks in advance.



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Karina Wakefield
Re: CS4 not updating changes
on Aug 24, 2010 at 1:31:15 pm

I have exactly the same issue
but Im running Windows 7 64bit
and it worked fine on vista 64bit

Have you got a new harddrive too?
only I was told that it could be mine.

I got a new computer and opted for the WD Caviar Green (unaware that it had a slow rpm and some have terrible transfer rates)

I hope someone can clarify what is causing this as I am going to buy a new harddrive specifically because of this problem.

please help!

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Adriano Moraes
Re: CS4 not updating changes
on Aug 24, 2010 at 2:43:18 pm

Hi Karina.

I don´t know if it will help you but I´ll share what happened next with me.

I remember I didn´t do anything but updating and rebooting the machine a few times. And it started running well.

After some time though (between opening other heavy apps and working on them) it started again. But a simple OS reboot would fix it.

I´m not shure if it was the speed of my HD for I´m running a good solid pair of top quality HDs on RAID here separated from the OS disc (witch is reliable and fast as well). But then again maybe the heavy use might be an issue.

Thing is I upgraded to CS5 and the same thing happened after leaving the computer on all night and working the whole next day. Only this time it got back on track after the first reboot.

I guess it might have something to do with stressing the OS/hardware but I hope someone else would step up and end all our doubts.

Hope you can get it to work.



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Karina Wakefield
Re: CS4 not updating changes
on Aug 26, 2010 at 7:09:08 am

Thanks Adriano,

I installed the latest Photoshop Update and it seamed to be working, but within 2 minutes it was back to it's old tricks.

Someone has mentioned something about OpenGL and the GPU driver .. not tried it yet but fingers crossed!

Adobe refuse to help because my contract doesn't extend out beyond installation >:(
I feel like I've been robbed and abandoned, *pfft* that's what you get when you buy products from a large company... they just don't give a crap

Any way...
If I find out how to solve it I'll post it here
Thanks for your reply ^_^

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