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Why so many .R3D files for the same clip?

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Nick McCoy
Why so many .R3D files for the same clip?
on Jan 6, 2015 at 12:25:07 pm

OK, I know I'm late to the RED bandwagon here, but it wasn't until recently that I actually got some work that required editing footage shot on a RED camera. The client handed me a hard drive containing all of the raw footage. I expected the file structure to be different, but holy effing crap. I find it just plain annoying and....from what I can tell.... stupid redundant. The last time I did any straight-up editing job, it was footage from an HD camcorder that I pulled from an SDHC card. Which was still pretty straight forward, as it was a one file = one clip file system.

I just don't get why the RED files are organized the way they are.

So there's the hard drive they gave it to me on, let's call it X:\

I go in to X:\Folder with Footage\ and am shocked to see the long list of other folders. No wonder they handed me 400 GB for a two minute long piece!

So I import all of that folder in to Premiere cc 2014. Oh joy. Now I have a bunch of source files with stupid names. I miss the days of logging and capturing from tape where I could call a file what it was either what helped me remember it or what was on the EDL. There. I said it.

After awhile I figured out that...inside each of these folders with stupid names are several .R3D files that....are identical in content, length, etc. SO I clear out all but one of them per folder.

So far, there's been no problem doing this. When I am done with the edit, I can create a trimmed project that's about 10% of the size of the original.

So my question is...WHY oh WHY are there so many .R3D files for every take done on the camcorder?

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Eric Santiago
Re: Why so many .R3D files for the same clip?
on Jan 16, 2015 at 8:15:36 pm

Im not sure what you mean but how long is each take?

R3Ds get split up over the lenght of a clip but not as separate folders.

That only happens for each take.

On one 64GB SSD, Ive had as many as 30 takes thus giving you 30 sub-folders.

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Oki Pienandoro
Re: Why so many .R3D files for the same clip?
on Jan 31, 2015 at 11:11:55 am

"...Redcode has one limitation – it strictly follows the FAT32 file system. The reason they went for this is to create files that are equally supported on Macs and PCs (Windows) without any modifications required. The disadvantage of this format is that you can’t go over 4 GB (1024 MB) in size. Let’s say the Red Epic records in 150 MB/s. One minute will require about 9 GB of footage. If you keep the camera running for one minute, the camera will write two files, both with the extension *.R3D...."
Source :

Btw, i'm also new to Red workflow, so CMIIW.

Sorry for the english, not native speaker.

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