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R3D Workflow question

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Ryan SnookR3D Workflow question
by on Mar 16, 2012 at 2:15:30 am

I've read countless things about work flows and it seems everyone does it a little bit different, but yet everyone seems to be looking the 'the' way to do it. With 1000s of RED owners spending $10000000000s of dollars on productions, you'd think there would be some great guidance or guides out there for how to get things done, but I digress.

I've heard of people, using Premiere Pro CS5.5 of course, complaining about having R3D footage, and DPX footage (from an AE - SFX export) in the same timeline. Is this really an issue? I'm just looking to transcode the LEAST as possible, and work with the XML workflow as long as I can.

Does anyone have any clear tips on how to work if doing the following?:

1. Shoot on Scarlett.
2. Do anything at all in Red Cine-X
3. Edit in Premiere Pro CS5.5
4. Import any single clips that need VFX work into After Effects and export into DPX and place them back in the Premiere timeline.
5. Export the XML of the cut from Premiere.
6. Import the XML into Davinci Resolve for the final color grade.
7. Export the graded film from Resolve.
8. Export in ???? PP? AE? for the final delivery renders?

Just looking for any tips on whether to transcode or not. To use all DPX vs some DPX mixed with R3D footage. I'm sure 100s of people use these exact programs to get things done. I'd love to hear your tales as I have some sample R3D projects coming up. Let your great works live on by proxy through my hands.


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Joseph HutsonRe: R3D Workflow question
by on Mar 16, 2012 at 2:57:33 pm

Vincent's little piece should be a great start for you...

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Ryan SnookRe: R3D Workflow question
by on Mar 17, 2012 at 2:45:03 am

Seems like by me stating the acronym XML at all that I would at least be up to speed with exporting and importing XMLs. Also, his use of FCP seems pretty useless these days seeing as PP CS5.5 allows for FCP 7.0 keyboard shortcuts, and can do everything FCP can do, and also what it can't do. I really wasn't looking for the obvious back and forth between editing programs that offer identical functionality, but more so getting in and out of programs that actually do different things, and which codecs to have in a given timeline.

Anyone have any incite on a workflow involving:

PP CS5.5 - Edit
Resolve - Color grading?


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