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Lost files after sharing SD card between different cameras

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Matt SurfLost files after sharing SD card between different cameras
by on Jul 1, 2012 at 3:48:10 pm

Hi there,

I shot an interview on my 32GB SD Card (which had previously been used in a Panasonic GH2) on my Canon EOS 550d which all worked out fine, then today, I put the same memory card back into the Panasonic GH2 just to do a short interview so I could then compare the shots.

So, filming all done, I inserted the card into my memory card reader and placed it into my Macbook, the card didn't mount even though the green LED on the card reader was flashing. So I pulled the SD card out and tried it in my iMac which didn't mount the card at all.

Putting the card back into the Canon I saw that one of my video files (typically the main interview) was saying 'File can't be played' although my cutaway shots were OK. I put the card back into the GH2 to see if I could play the main interview but it couldn't play any of the files.

NOW; I put the card in either camera and it's coming up as having no files on it AT ALL and it won't mount in my iMac or MacBook!!! The Canon is still saving images to the card but now the Panasonic isn't even registering it as a card!

Have I lost the files, can anyone help retrieve them?? I'm guessing there's a lesson here about sharing SD cards between different format cameras (which I didn't realise would be an issue) but any help so I don't have to shoot the whole lot again would be great!!



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David RocheRe: Lost files after sharing SD card between different cameras
by on Jul 2, 2012 at 2:49:03 pm

Wow, that stinks! I'm thinking that swapping the card between cameras didn't corrupt any data unless the camera(s) formatted the card when it was inserted.

Did you happen to eject the card from either the camera(s) or the Mac while it was being accessed? If that happened, it was likely the cause of data corruption. I am now a believer in properly ejecting cards from any device after destroying all the data on an SD card from my still camera by not properly ejecting from my PC. Lesson learned.

As for recovery... that's tricky. You might have actually done more damage to the files by trying to view them in different devices. Do a little Google search on "digital photo recovery" and see if any of that software may help you. Hopefully some other Cow readers will have better info for you on recovery methods.

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Matt SurfRe: Lost files after sharing SD card between different cameras
by on Jul 3, 2012 at 7:40:03 am

Hi David,

Thanks for that (and your empathy). I took matters into my own hand and downloaded a SD Card Recovery tool, as you suggested, which thankfully recovered all my MOVs apart from one! Typical that that is the main interview but worst comes to worst, that should be easily re-doable.

The software has extracted the audio, and I can also get it to play but its very corrupted with flashed of pixels and grey bars all over it during playback.

What's more confusing is how / why the MOV got converted to a JPG in the first place? Something to do with going from Canon H.264 MOV to Panasonic AVCHD perhaps??

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