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Render to highest quality

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Mats ClaessonRender to highest quality
by on Aug 1, 2010 at 1:47:17 pm

I have spendt most of the day trying to render a small video event that has 4 fx all fro Sony Vegas pro. It's a very detailed and rich video off an evening sky.
I have tried at least 20 different combinations but no one is up to the quality that's is on the timeline.
I have used avi CineForm 6.41 and all off the other HD codecs none gives me the source quality, they all look soft.
Most of the QT codecs, same here, they all looks soft.

I use a h.264 file from a 550D
Neoscene codec

Four fx Sharpen-Color curve-Soft contrast-Color balance.

The redered video is much softer and has fewer details it locks like it's out of focus. The colours are, in most of the renders, pretty god.

What will Give me the same quality that's on the timeline, in a rendered file.
Please help I'm getting xxx here.
Do I demand to much? I simply what to make my finel result look as god as it does in the Vegas pro timeline.

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Mats ClaessonRe: Render to highest quality
by on Aug 1, 2010 at 3:32:05 pm

Hello video gurus!
Let me answer my own post. I may have misunderstood something fundamental but ther is a huge diferense between video event fx and media fx.
Firstly the same setting docent give the same result but more important Is that it's HUGE differs in quality when redering with the effects.
If I'm right here its no way to rendering a video event to a new file with the quality of the video event as it is displayed on the timeline. Rendering a video event vill always produce a result that Is significantly softer.

When using media fx things work as expected and the effects looks like they do when played from the timeline.

What's even better is that I can use the cineForm codec wich produces excellent results fast and with reasonable fill size.

Strange that I haven't found this information on the net, and in the Vegas manual. Is this common knowledge to you all? I'm pretty new to Vegas.

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David PendryRe: Render to highest quality / interlace problems
by on Aug 2, 2010 at 1:57:22 pm

I've just spent 3 weeks editing a whole load of footage, rendered it, and transferred it to tape for an initial look-see on a decent-sized screen.
It was utterly dreadful!
ANY horizontal movement in the image (and this was bicyles - so there was quite a lot of that!) was split to a degree that the rider would be unrecognisable.
I gave up trying to use the HD function on my HDR-HC1, as this caused more trouble than it was worth, so everything is now shot in good ol' SD (until Sony can prove that Vegas really works, that is!)
When uploading the footage, none of the parameters were changed from the factory default, as I tried this on the earlier Vegas 6, and made things somewhat worse.
Interestingly, the only parts of the footage that are NOT 'splitting' (at all!) are some bits where the individual clip has been 'compressed' to speed up the movement.
These clips are perfect!!!!!

So - what should I be doing differently to get a result that's vaguely watchable?
(I wonder how many of you said: "Get Final Cut...!")

If anyone is able to assist, I would be most grateful.


ps. the PC was custom-made, purely for the purpose of editing, and was constructed with the tippy-toppest of components.

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Douglas Spotted EagleRe: Render to highest quality
by on Aug 1, 2010 at 7:32:39 pm

They're not going to be "up to the quality of what's seen on the timeline" because what you're seeing on the timeline isn't 4K footage. Ergo; you're doing an upsample but not viewing it at the upsampled resolution.
A-you're using a 1080 source trying to uprez to 4k
B-You don't have a means of viewing 4K, so you're merely seeing 1080 at its best.
C-There is no way to deliver 4K in a portable codec; it's not a deliverable without complications and no one can view it anyway.

If you were shooting timelapses with your 550 where you had 5K source files...that would be a slightly different animal.

Render to 1080 30p to best match your source files.

Douglas Spotted Eagle

Certified Sony Vegas Trainer
Aerial Camera/Instructor

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Mats ClaessonRe: Render to highest quality
by on Aug 2, 2010 at 8:47:03 am

Hi Douglas.
I really don’t anderstand your answer. Maybe this was intended for another e-mail or I may have misunderstood something.

The issue here is that when you use video event fx there seems to be now way of rendering to a new file with an acceptable result. The rendered video is much softer and less detailed. Its not codec and file type dependent, the redered result is always softer.

If you do the exact same process but uses Media fx the rendered result is visually identical to what you see on the timeline.
You don’t have to do an uncompressed rendering (to a huge file). I’m using neoscene codec and the result is very good indeed.

I haven’t found any description of this problem so there is possible something Im doing wrong here?.

The 4k thing in your answer is a mystery to me I I’m talking 550,D H.264 as described in the mail and of course I’m looking at a 1920 x 108 monitor.

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Douglas Spotted EagleRe: Render to highest quality
by on Aug 2, 2010 at 12:42:56 pm

I'm embarrassed. :-/
I read 4fx as 4K.

Re-check keyframes if you're seeing differences between the Media FX vs event FX.
Which FX are you using? One of them may be the culprit. If you're using the Convolution Kernel or Sharpening, you might also be seeing an issue there.

Douglas Spotted Eagle

Certified Sony Vegas Trainer
Aerial Camera/Instructor

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