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A few FAQ questions about Vegas pro 9

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Jessica Beasley
A few FAQ questions about Vegas pro 9
on Aug 26, 2009 at 5:53:16 pm

I’m wondering how to do the following things - I’m a Vegas newbie, but I like to think a fast-learner. Obviously I don’t expect people to explain all of this list in detail, but if you have any links to good video tutorials or articles, then I’d be grateful.

I want to know how to -

#1 Blend or more scenes on the screen at the same time. I can half do this. I reduce the two clips width using track motion. I then try and manipulate it to the correct size using the x setting under track motion and changing the numbers from 0 to + or - However, I have encountered a few problems.

- The split screen goes too small, almost as though it’s on widescreen x 10.
- It seems to cut off part of the left-hand side of the clip when both clips appear on the screen at the same time.
- When the clips appear on the screen at the same time it’s very obvious that they have been split. I want it to appear smoother - so that both clips look, effectively, like they are the same clip.

Finally, I would like to know how you do this if it’s more than two clips. Say you’ve got three clips and you wanted one on the bottom horizontally and two smaller clips on the top, all blending together, how is this achieved?

#2 How do you zoom in on a clip, without using the zoom function. Basically, what I want to do is have the objects of a clip closer up, without there being the in/out motion that you get when you do a pan/crop.

#3 When I apply effects, colouring or pan/crop a video it seems to apply the effect to the whole video, rather than just the potion that I have selected on the timeline. How do you only apply the pan/crop/ colouring etc. to only the few seconds that you want to.

#4 How do you make clips play over each other with a transparent effect? I’ve seen videos like this on you tube, where a clip plays and then one or more clips play over it, but are transparent.

#5 A continuation of question #4 - I’ve often seen on you tube where the transparent section of the clip can be made a different colour to the main clip. So if the main clip is full colour the transparent part may be black-and-white or vice-versa.

# 6 How do you echo audio. For example, if, in a video you have someone saying something then how do you give it an echo effect?

Many thanks for any help. It’s much appreciated.

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Theo van Laar
Re: A few FAQ questions about Vegas pro 9
on Aug 26, 2009 at 7:18:31 pm

Here are some good tutorials to start with:

And about the zooming without animation: you can use the zoom function of the event pan/crop tool while having the sync cursor button beneath the timeline of the event pan/crop tool inactivated (thus without using the keyframes).


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